Honor Student Additions (April 2015)

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  1. CONGRATS honey!
  2. congrats!!!!!!!!!!! Ya are so cool
  3. CONGRATS 
  4. CONGRATSSSS XD when is the next batch?
  5. Well done to everyone who got one !wish u all luck in the future!
  6. True that. It's just a popularity contest to see who has more followers instead of truly helping the community out there. Honey got a blue name and what's next? She started being rude to me and all  pfft.
  7. Truly this is a popularity contest  Honey doesn't deserve this blue name thingy. She was just rude to me earlier on.
  8. Congrats guys
  9. You have an issue because I told you that my club wants loyal member not people that runs to a cc club on every promo?
    maybe learn the difference between rude and honesty.
    Must of hit a nerve if you felt the need to come and post on forums tho. ?
  10. I like how we have honor students! Congrats and hope one day i can be one!!
  12. Oh why thank you 
  13. Jiggy is abusive farmer... He hits his ex girlfriends
  14. LUL
  15. What warrior, you're just helping because you want to be a mod 
  16. When is the next round coming out, have some friends who could possibly be one
  17. Slurp