Honor Student Additions (April 2015)

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  1. Somebody's jealous. Didn't get mod? Awww don't cry now. You have proof she's underaged? Oh sorry no you have no proof and never will cause she isn't.
  2. Lmao how am i crying that im not a mod? Can you not read? Did you go to school? Learn 2 read please. Jelious pfft never just a green name and abuse of power. Aww do you have proof she 18? When she applyed for mod? No you do not so be quiet thanks.
  3. You're obviously jealous. No I didn't go to school. I has no brain. I has the dumb. Surely she had to prove to ATA that she was over 18. It's certain that I cannot change your arrogant mind so I should stop here. Kbaithx
  4. Yeah sure she did "fake ID" rofl whatever jiggy ty for your invalid input cya!
  5. Now now, if you have any issues please feel free to email support.

    Email support

    Pimd name: your name
    Game: pimd

    Lillie is a lovely person and extremely helpful.
    Really not need for the accusations and all the negative remarks.

    Again thanks to all that have been
  6. Stop bumping this damn thread already you noobs -_-
  7. I want an apple now.
  8. Jiggy bro congrats...
  10. Congrats to all the Honor Students. You all rock and are well deserving of the blue name!!!!! 
  11. Congrats Kate  awesome job on what you're doing see you every night on WC.

    Congrat honey and Jiggy...keep up that great work you do.

    WAY TO GO!!!!
  13. I want an orange ?
  14. Congratulations to all new Honor Students! I hope my reply is not too late!

    And I never see all 3 of you...But!!

    All three of you have literally did your best to help out the community! You are here to answer player's questions when they need someone for help. You spent your free time making a guide for players, which benefited almost everyone of them and it would always continue! You might be even there to make other people smile and have touched at least 1 player positively from the bottom of their heart.

    I'm sure a lot of the community has recommended you for your awesomeness, and I will support all 3 of you as I believe they will look up to you someday in the future!

    To everyone else who is trying their best to help out, I will thank you from my heart as well. I wish you could be seen and noticed, and be recognized and rewarded for it just like how the 3 players got it!
  15. Congratualations!