Holiday Writing Prompt

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  1. Yoyoyo. In the spirit of it being holiday season for some of youse, lettuce do a writing prompt. I want you to do a scene between two family members. It's up to you but some potential ideas could be:

    Two family members who haven't spoken in a while, A child appreciating their parent in some way or the other way around, Two spouses still in love after several decades

    Or it could go the other way and it could be like peeps kicking their child out or a big fight that causes family estrangement. But the key to your piece must be family. It can be a short story or a poem since some of you specialize in that. Will gift misc based on effort and how much I like your piece. Das all.
  2. I love writing. I shall make time to take part in this. 💕
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  3. How many pieces can we write, I'd love to do a poem and a writing piece lol - seldish I know. If it's only one, I will pixk though no biggie.
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  4. You can write as many as you want. To deter ppls tryna scam misc from me tho I'll only gift if there's noticeable effort there doe
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  5. Understanable, thanks love ❤ best get my writing cap on x
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