Holiday Bento Raffle

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  1. I’m not sure if anyone is doing something like this but I was wondering what if we did a holiday bento raffle where everyone donates 1 bento to enter, every day for 5 days a random winner will receive all the bentos for that round. I planned on using a name wheel to choose winner. I think we should do like 50 people max per round? What do you guys think?
  2. Sounds interesting. Maybe have it go until New Year's Day.
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  3. Definitely! Depending on how many people are interested
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  4. If you guys are interested I’m gonna make a really cute thread for booking lmao💕
  5. side notes: I would love to be in the raffle so to keep it fair I was hoping a mod or someone trusted could collect bentos + spin the wheel! If no one wants to step up I’ll do it & just sit out of the raffle.

    If we don’t get enough ppl to join the raffle we can do one large raffle instead of the 5 day idea I came up with.

    The holidays are getting close if you guys think we should do it speak upppp💕
  6. You can use my alt @ADiamondInTheRough. To be trusted, I’ll give you full permission (and anyone else) to farm me if the winner doesn’t get their amount of bentos won.

    I, myself, do not wish to participate in this. I is broketh

    Edit: Since you can only send 10 gifts max without accepting you might have the senders send to the alt. We can discuss details in pms
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  7. yassss okay that sounds perfect☺️💗
  8. Check the ACTIVITIES FORUM for the official booking thread guys💗
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  9. Bento waffle? Hmm🤔
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  10. Sounds delicious doesn't it??
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  11. Lol.. damn delicious:p
  12. Awww man if you get 1 bento come through💕
  13. @Trendsetting is too poor to join too, why else do you think he looks like a shriveled up rat that's been living in the sewer with ants crawling on his cheese and biting at his already torn and dirty socks
  14. I’ve never owned a bento 💔