hi gimme a selfie and ill give u a stat item

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  1. helo why are forums like this i am lost

    anyway post a selfie in this thread and ill gift u a nice thing from my showcase since i haven't done that in a while

    love u

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  2. 🤓🤳🏻
  3. 😶🍿
    Me eating popcorn.
  4. a selfie
  5. My selfies are in the selfie thread but .. here’s a picture of my kitty n my doge cuddling 🌚[​IMG]

    They was knocked tf out.
  6. I'll take one in the morning and post it; 3am isnt exactly prime selfie hour. Need that natural lighting...
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  7. You’re kitty looks like my kitty[​IMG]
    The only picture I could find with her eyes closed
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  8. Aww ❤️.. my kitty’s a demon and attacks me everytime I move 🙂 when my 4 year old nephew comes over and she bites him, he holds her out and screams “ WE ARE FRIENDS!”😂
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  9. Nobody even posted a real selfie 😂
  10. Cuz there’s an existing selfie thread full of duck faces and filters
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  11. Ahh gotcha thanks
  12. [​IMG]
    This is for @Oni , or i should post a duckface filtered pico_O
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  13. Be glad you're pretty
    I hit pretty people last
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  14. 😂😂 someone told me u wont hit me at all:rolleyes:
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  15. Here's my child

  16. I mean rl idc about this game and I have too many personal farms to keep up with so piss off
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  17. Wow rood, i wasnt talking about pimd🤨
  18. ily belle
  19. 😐
  20. Hey Kitten. Bless you with my creative new derp. One of a kind. [​IMG]
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