help a gay out

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  1. It's their life to live. You sound like a helicopter parent
  2. That wasn’t the point of my comment. But 👌🏼
  4. You literally said “until you become a parent you can’t say anything” and I responded to that But 👌
  5. Lmao you're insane.
  6. Yeah, you can’t say anything. Everyone says “I’m gonna treat my child this way” but you never really know what you’re gonna do until have a child.
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  7. If that’s what you consider insane, then I’ll take that 🤷‍♀️
  8. Yeah, you're pretty nuts
  9. 🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜
  10. Okay, I agree with it being their life and you can't control what they do. But the only thing I disagree is refusing to meet your kid's significant other.
    If they're in a relationship, they can't bring their bf/gf home to introduce to you because you don't want to "know about their sex life"? It's just not about sex life. It's about healthy bonding and sharing aspects of life. It's not like you're meeting every single hookup or hearing about bedroom details. 🤷🏻‍♀️ You can't eat lunch together or something?
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  11. The whole point of dating is to figure out who YOU want to marry. I'm not gonna be running YOUR household for you when you get married. It's on YOU to decide who YOU wanna build a life with. I have confidence that I've successfuly taught my kids to make good choices, and I'm confident that we've shown them how a healthy marriage functions.

    When they are old enough to date, they're old enough to get married. If they're old enough to get married, they're old enough to make their own choices.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. It's getting out of topic.

    Just a real quick question. Have you told your parent yet? People have given you tips so far..
  14. He'd know since his parents new he was a slut for dick at a young age
  15. Anyways, the whole issue about "don't talk to your parents about sex" makes no sense. In life, your parents give you the talk. Many fathers encourage their sons to get out there and clap cheeks, with protection of course. Some daughters cry and/or tell their mothers about their relationships. Even when your kids have kids, you're going to assume they slept with their partner 1 or more times
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  16. Arrange a wonderful dinner, sit with them and talk to them about your sexuality. It could be really nerve wracking and anxious experience given your circumstances (since you are not sure about their view on LGBT). You could even write down what you want to tell them, to help sort out your ideas.

    There’s no parent who’d hate their kid for being honest and open with them. I don’t know the full scenario with your family but think about it this way. You are gay and it’s better coming from your mouth than your parents hearing it from somebody else. It’s a fact that will eventually come out. Just know you have my full support and many others’.
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  17. hello. just to clear out some confusions;
    i) i am a girl.
    ii) no, i haven't slept with anyone.
    iii) for those who gave me tips, thank u. i tried dropping some hints and my parents just went "umm" so yea. idk.
    iv) oh ya i also live in a homophobic country so even if i came out, the consequences aren't really pleasant.

    hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.
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  18. Is op still struggling? Change religion
  19. Good luck gurl, remind them that lez can have kids. It'll calm down their instincts on grand children
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