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  1. I'll disown any of my kids if they want to tell me anything about their sex life. Gay or straight it's gross. I don't wanna know.
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  2. You don't ever want to meet the people your children are dating? Even just to make sure they're not w someone abusive or creepy and your kids just haven't realized it?
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  3. Nope. It's their life, they are the ones who have to deal with the consequences of their decisions. It's my job to teach them how to make good decisions, it's their job to actually make those decisions.
  4. By just say it it's easy words to say
  5. Fair enough.
  6. If you wouldn’t give two shits if you’re kid was getting abused then maybe you shouldn’t be a parent.
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  7. I don't care as much now coz I tort Tyler how to fight n he can hit fùckn hard he can protect him self good now
  8. Plus, family events and gatherings are a thing and maybe, your kid wants their significant other to be a part of nice things with them. It's just how things are.
    It seems kinda sad and one-sided for one person to meet their partner's family, but never be allowed to introduce said partner to their own family. But maybe that's just me. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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  9. introducing a gf/bf is completely different than bedroom talk
  10. I understand where you’re coming from and I even agree but unless you have a kid you really can’t say anything about it.
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  11. I also can *kind of* understand what Julie means about that maybe? Should I have kids, I would want to meet their partners but you can't rly control what a person does regardless other than giving your opinion and letting them know you'll be there if they ask for help.
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  12. If you don't trust your adult children to make their own decisions then maybe YOU shouldn't be a parent.
  13. You absolutely can't control what your adult children do, and often times giving your opinion causes more harm than good.
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  14. Tf how much you old if you got adult kids
  15. I got a few more years til mine are adults
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  16. How much they old
  17. None ya business
  18. Just curis
  19. You can have trust that you’re kids are gonna be smart but it doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen TO them. You realize you’re also casually excusing domestic violence, for the victim “not being raised right”. But anyways, I guess just agree to disagree.
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  20. I don’t have to have to have kids to know that I would be concerned for them if they told me their partner was abusing. Oh but maybe after I carry them in my uterus for nine months and give birth to them I’ll have a change of heart and just say “fuck it you’re on your own”