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  1. hello. so i've been thinking of coming out to my parents but idk if they're homophobic or what but yea i'm tired of hiding. any tips on how to come out properly? thank u.
  2. 1. This title made me snort
    2. Why is this in fan-fiction

    Have they ever done anything to make you think they were homophobic? If not, they likely aren't. People who donut like the gays are usually berry vocal about it. Just tell them, it doesn't have to be a big deal
  3. I'd say watch how they react to other gay couples, LGBT rights and things like that. My friend purposefully started exposing her parents to television/movies just to see their reaction, started some conversation to get their point of view and things like that. It's good to be safe and make sure you're not in a danger environment.
    She ended up finding out that they were not homophobic at all - just a little clueless. They were willing to learn, she came out and got their support. ❤️ So, good luck!
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    Also maybe this will help???

  5. It is a big deal especially if you are in a country where people alienate gay community. In my country, the gay community is not really welcomed and mostly the one who comes out will be banned (sort of).
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  6. That's why I said "have they ever done anything to make [op] think they're homophobic." People who dislike gay people, especially in countries where homophobia is very common, are very vocal about it. They won't try to keep their opinions hidden so OP should know if her parents are homophobic
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  7. I’d recommend like telling them if you know you won’t be around them Incase things go bad. But maybe try seeing how they think about lgbt but not everyone who isn’t supportive of lgbt is vocal about it since some may just be quietly thinking about it so be careful. But if they’re supportive good for you! Maybe crack a joke or something.
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  8. Have you considered just not telling your parents who you are sleeping with? That's wierd. I betcha they don't wanna know.
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  9. Just accidentally send them a video of you squirting lotion on your face . If they react weird, tell them it is just a joke. If they seem to be cool with it, say it was from <insert male name here>

    Edit: oh nvm, female avi. I'll still leave this here, even if it might not be relevant.
  10. Lol not entirely sure if this is a joke or not, but I don't think it was a nice thing to say on a post like this. Even if it's a dark joke, might be a sensitive subject for op.
    It's not just about sex. Imagine never being able to introduce your significant other to your parents and just having to hide who you are. Doesn't sound fun.
  11. Not a joke. Can't imagine flaunting your dating life in front of your parents being a good idea.
  12. Coming out isnt really flaunting anything though.
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  13. How do you not know if they’re homophobic? This is BS
  14. If you're old enough to be dating, you're old enough to make your own decisions. Nothing mommy & daddy say are gonna change your decisions. So why involve them until you've found the person you're ready to marry?
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  15. So we’re just supposed to introduce our partner for the first time the same day they become our fiancé just because we’re ready for marriage?
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  16. Yup
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  17. Sounds legit
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  18. What if the term homophobic is just a loosely term used by people to use on people who don't care to support homosexuality? Or who don't care in general? Just food for thought, anyways...

    What if, you had a heart to heart with your parents and told them that you are only attracted to the same gender. You have every right and choice to like who you want and you should never feel ashamed as long as it isn't a minor, incest or an animal. Really, the key to happiness is being yourself, learning to love yourself for who you are... so honestly, just tell them. Whether it's right or wrong to like what you like, be proud of who you are and don't be afraid to be judged cause the most important opinion that matters is your own. Also, if they treat you any differently, you shouldn't care. Life is life and life is never guaranteed so do what makes you happy
  19. Easy thing to say but hard to put into practice, sadly =/ family is very important for most people and for some it's all they have. Some super religious ppl have disowned their children over their sexuality which is rly tough to go through
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  20. Oh. If I had emotions I'd understand.m, but that's tough. OP, if they disown you, I'll support you hoe