Hello World....lets bring a new feature in game

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Why shoud be such a feature

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  1. To not induce in error by players with alts those that loking to improve game

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  2. Also campus chat and pub might be more simple as you have better chance in good trade

  1. We already get daily login rewards. Lite boxes, spinner tokens and items...and people that buy vip get even more daily rewards
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  2. I guess I never thought those were "login" rewards😅
  3. Then don't login I'll see how u get then😂
  4. Yes!! Need a separate trade chat … let people have conversations on pub chat !
  5. People will always post where the people are
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  6. Modern problems needs mordern solutions, Dev , plz give mods additional power to silence sellers for 5hrs max for posting add in pub channel. Maybe in 3 days problem will get solved.😜
  7. Pub was made for people to rp in to get it out of campus. General chat was ment to stay in campus. You gonna silence people for having convos in pub to? Coz they not using it for what it was made for?
  8. lets do a 3day test on it. I bet problem will solved.
  9. What silence all who do anything other then rp in pub? I can garuntee it will cause more issues then solve them
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    • I don’t know about this feature but I agree ATA needs to add some new features to keep the game interesting.
    • Kick it up a notch ATA.
  10. Gz on discovering bullet points
  11. I strongly agree with your point . If ata add any separate chanel for Buying Selling maybe game will lag more and obviously people will post add where they get more people. Cute Humans.🤗
  12. A trading tab was trialed when pub was in beta. But only pub was added. There will be a reason for not adding the trade chat. Its the beta testers who are players that decide whats whst to add into yhe game
  13. I saw a post somwhere in forum that a guy gave an idea. Like. There must be a portal that someone will put an items and set a price for it (with whatever they want to exchange) the next person if ready and comfortable with the offer and put his/her item In that portal and it will automatically traded between them.
    Something like that. I don't remember all. It was a good idea. But its on ATA at last🤗
    • Dyno troll I’m glad what ever meds you’re on or off of it seem to be working.
    • Great Job : (
  14. There was such a thing and
    I don't know of such a good ideea....doe tgere was in past reward for daily log on
  15. I hope not ...doe we all know ....there too many alts
  16. People are allowed as many alts as they want as long as they can manage them all
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  17. Is that true 🙀😳
  18. Yep. Look at the tou