Heckfire Rewards Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ATABruce, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Hi Bruce, I'm just seeing this and haven't gotten my rewards. I filed tickets about this and just found out now there's been a forum post about this. This really sucks as I don't check forums often. Can I still get my reward?
  2. I can confirm that bluestacks users received there rewards
  3. Ffs I spelled there wrong.. Their*
  4. Aw man!! I didn't get the reward. I follow ur instruction ATAbruce..

    To: PimdRewards

    after waiting 4 days.. There's nothing :((
  5. I haven't received any rewards of heckfire till now!!!
  6. I got mine Thanks! 
  7. Yey. I got mine too. Thank you so much! ?
  8. The 3 rewards are Bruce's now
  9. I didnt get the rewards too. ?
  10. I also just found out about the forum. Is there still a way to get the rewards?
  11. Bruce found his next RS 
  12. Bruce found his next RS 

  13. Lmfao. Some people just... :roll:.
  14. Just now seeing this and I been had this game... Is there no way to get it still
  15. I sent the mail on the same day this was posted, but never got my reward.
  16. Nope
  17. Never got mines either :( o well ?‍♀️?‍♀️
  18. I’ve been playing since May... do I get rewarded ?