EVENT Heckfire! In My War Dorm!

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  1. This helped sm, thank you😩💙
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  2. So...Does it work for anyone?
    Cuz im playing atm 😂
  3. 1. Tap the arrow in the lower left corner of the game screen.
    2. Tap on Extras.
    3. Scroll down and find the section where you can set the name of your inviter. Make sure it's "ATAQueens" for KaW and “ATAMarceline” for PIMD.
    4. Please enter the exact name (ATAQueens or ATAMarceline) of your inviter as shown above in the brackets, depending on the realm you need to go to. Kindly double check the name you enter as we can not edit or correct this once it's been added.
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  4. Ok, I'm super confused 🙈 I followed the link given and it made me download the game and create an account. I did it, I linked it to my ATA account and started playing. When my Town Hall was already at level 4 I found out I wasn't in the right server; I checked here and followed what was said - added ATAMarceline as referral, don't know if it's right but yeah, I tried. And at the start of the new hour I did receive a reward with an animal outfit box here on pimd. Problem is, I can't find the box anywhere in my showcase! 😂 This is event is gonna drive me crazy, I swear 🙈
  5. Nevermind. It worked! 😍
  6. 😂😂 Exactly the same thing for me!!! Like.... i feel like i could have typed this myself lol
  7. Ooo, the rewards are great... I'll have to give this a shot and see how far I can get. 👀
  8. Did you find the pet box?
  9. I tried to send a help ticket but its says it Invalid. I have a older account and try to start a new one
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  10. I tried to sign up with my pimd ATA ID and it said that the email has been used. But this is the first time I downloaded this game🙃.
  11. Not exactly 😂 I closed and reopened pimd and checked my pets and the pet style was already there as if I opened the box
  12. Box is already opened just have to add onto the pet
  13. I made a clan that people can join called PIMD3 since there were already two others but they were full
  14. I connect to ata Id but I’m not getting any rewards . I’m level 5 now
  15. If y’all had explained this clearly from the start then all this mess wouldn’t have happened🤦🏾‍♀️
  16. You have to be in the PIMD realm, go to extras and then you can find something about referrals, put in ATAMarceline.
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  17. I got into the pimd realm!!!!
  18. How do you link the game??
  19. It didnt work for me 😶 haznt changed my realm