EVENT Heckfire! In My War Dorm!

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Marceline, Aug 20, 2020.

  1. Please use the proper showcase item trading thread for this.
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  2. huhuhu okie muschi. just wanna show to claptrap i dnt like him.
  3. he ain't looking at this thread either
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  4. only u noticed my existence Muschi.
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  5. you're welcome <3
  6. Literally 5lvls away from getting th22 but I’m stuck cause all the ore I need. 😩 idk how y’all did it.
  7. 1 of thr 1st things i was told by someone is. You wont make it to th22 in time unless you spend money on the game. I got to th18 3 days ago and then uninstalled coz no way can make it to th20 in 3 days
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  8. finished it all🥴🖤
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  9. Having a good active clan helped a lot tbh
    If your clan mates aren’t active enough it won’t speed up the process. I did the daily swap boxes and that helped a lot too
  10. I played everyday for the whole month of the event and only got to TH20.
    I really wanted to reach TH22 because that’s the closest I would get to having a dope rpg avi [I don’t like the pink haired one :( ], but that’s life I guess.
  11. I made it to TH18 before 12am on September 20th , not getting these rewards are making me sad but they'll be here soon I hope, this was a fun thing to do ATA. Fo it with KAW now
  12. Oh whew.. it says 12pm.. bless the lord. Nevermind then lol
  13. Is there any hope of extension, at least for the TH rewards?
  14. 🙃
  15. And it’s over. This was probably my favorite event ever <3
  16. What a trip it's been!!! I did a clan photo since we are all PIMD players. So happy that I could help lead almost all of them to th18 with many reaching stretch goals

    I said I'd run a clan not centered around money. I didn't spend myself either. My dream was TH18. I did that and TH20! I could not be more proud of myself and my many clanmates and friends.

    What a wild trip it's been this last month. Glad I got to spend it with all these guys xx[​IMG]
  17. It's been fun!

    I thought KOH wouldn't exactly be "my style" of game, since I had played similar things before and didn't really enjoy it. But it is surprisingly interactive and I can say it kept me entertained enough, especially with all the PIMD people on the realm chat. 💞 I'll probably even leave a review for the game on the app store because I know that's helpful.

    Also can't believe I made it to th18! I almost failed haha it was a last minute thing, kinda exciting.

    Congrats to everyone regardless of what tier you reached, we crushed it. ❤️
    (also pls remember to use all your resource tokens if you're not going to play anymore, it helps people who will stay and can attack you for resources).
  18. I had some a good time playing, I was the second one to make a pimd clan and it filled within moments. Most left for other clans, or had quit but a few stay with me. Had such a fun time, made some great friends. We made it to the top second clan at one point which was fun, we stayed within the top 10 the whole time and honest was just so happy to see everyone grow. 💕💕🐶💕💕
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  19. I would totally keep playing if it gave me more PIMD perks 🤗. I made it to TH15! I was so close...
  20. I still don't care for these types of games. I hate the PvP part and confrontation in general, but I guess this was a pretty cool way y'all went about it, giving us dragons for extra boosts and other crazy stuff.

    I quit once I reached TH22 (about a week ago), but if y'all wanna attack me for any leftover resources, feel free if you find me! I won't be coming back XD
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