EVENT Heckfire! In My War Dorm!

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Marceline, Aug 20, 2020.

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  2. Translate it if you want to
  3. The grasslands 999
  4. Maybe 5-6 🍱. Probably not much more at the moment.
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  5. O? My pet skins showed up as boxes. They're still there if you want to look; I liked the look of the box in my inventory better than the skins.
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  6. They must have changed the way it was given. The first day of the event they were automatically opened and put in your pet style inventory.
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  7. Im th20 atm, should i unlock event so i can reach 22 before this event ends? Or do you think i wont be able to reach 22, i have 6 stars for that event 👉🏻👈🏻
  8. At least ur getting rewards I ain’t got nothing form playing this game like at all
  9. You didnt follow what needed to do then. Are you in the pimd realm? Have you linked your heckfire acc to the SAME emao your pimd acc is linked to? If you said yes to both then send a help ticket so ata can fix it
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  10. guys pls help me i need strong clan 😭😭😭😭😭 pls add me , my ign is solitta ♥️♥️♥️
  11. Hi! I'm almost 21. I was just wondering how many days will it take from th21 to th22 including the building upgrades. Checking if I should spend now
  12. It takes approximately 9 days to get from TH 21 to TH 22 according to one of the guides on KoH.
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  13. If yall dont want your unrecyclable 999s Send em my way please 🖤 Idc if I can't recycle/ug
  14. Extend onemore week ata
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  15. Friendly reminder it takes roughly 9 days of upgrade time (considering all building upgrades) to go from TH 21 to TH 22.

    Use your speed ups and gems since there’s only 5 days left!
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  16. Is anyone else only getting rewards when they reach a tier higher? I got the lvl 16 rewards when I reached lvl18 3 days ago and still haven't gotten the lvl 18 rewards. Are the tiers just labeled wrong or what? 😅🙄
  17. The TH18 rewards are the non-VIP, one crate, one key, one...
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  18. Just a reminder: the rewards are shown ABOVE the corresponding townhall levels!

    For example, TH18 rewards are the non-VIP avis, along with one of each of the other rewards. It is NOT the swamp 999, jewels stat, and 2 of each of the other rewards!
  19. swapping claptrap's pimdcrate item cuz i dont like him. swapping to marceline's nugget cuz im hungry. or just buy this from.me. zzz