EVENT Heckfire! In My War Dorm!

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Marceline, Aug 20, 2020.

  1. I recommend sending a help ticket.
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  2. No, it isn’t
  3. Get to level 10 in 1-2 days, get to level 14 what is it, 2 weeks later? I’m now getting bored of heckfire which sucks because I want the rewards for level 18 town hall. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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  4. Not even ug?? Lame
  5. How to Heckfire?
  6. But.. they should. They include stats for avis/BB items so why can't they do the same with all items?

    Almost feels like (and I'm saying this with no disrespect) they're trying to take advantage of newer players that were expecting a 999.
  7. I can’t log in to ATA on heckfire, seeing as I never filled in a password on pimd ..
  8. I had the same issue. Go to the pimd ata Mobile site, rest password, and log in the app again and heckfire .
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  9. When I reached th18 I only got 1 PIMD crate not 2
  10. You’re only supposed to get one.
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  11. I haven’t gotten any awards from my heckfire so I stopped playing because I was disappointed
  12. I switched realms and still nothing 😒
  13. Was your account connected to the same ATA ID and password as your pimd account?
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  14. Yes it is
  15. Haven’t gotten my town hall level 14 awards and it’s been days (Checked inbox and the only thing recent from Heckfire is the vip avatars)
  16. Town Hall level 14 rewards are the vip avatars only, the next reward set is on level 16
  17. I used the link and reached townhall 12level I haven't received single reward 😓 such a waste of time and disappointment 😣😣😣
  18. Make sure you’ve entered the referral code ATAMarceline and have linked your KoH account with the same ATA ID you use for PIMD. If you’ve done both, then send in a help ticket.
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  19. I wonder if I can really be one of the few players getting to Townhall 18 without spending any money. I'm fighting tooth and nail. I really really hope I can work magic and make it happen 🙈 I want it so bad
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  20. Try sending a help ticket.
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