EVENT Heckfire! In My War Dorm!

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Marceline, Aug 20, 2020.

  2. I like the part where I need to ignore them. 😂😂😂
  3. Ahem. ATA is not going to give away free 999s because you play a game they suggest. It had been stated earlier in the forums by long-term players that these were more than likely going to be the versions that you cannot recycle or upgrade, as ATA has done in the past for events like these. I don’t understand the point in complaining about free objects you get just from playing a game and not having to spend your money (unless you choose to spend your money on it).
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  4. I meant PST, not CST. Go to sleep, Salt. 🙄
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  5. considering it takes like 9 days to go from town hall 21 to town hall 22... meh..
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  6. What? 😢 I reached lvl 12 pretty fast, but I figured the higher you go the harder it gets...
  7. It’s been nearly 2 days and my rewards for town hall 10 is not even here yet 🥴
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  8. They are not 999, they are 99
  9. Im at the 12 now hope ill arrive at the 22 in time ,start be hard level now XD but wish have the avatars,that are so cool
  10. Where is my reward ata 😒
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  11. at me arrive at 10 pm 22 in 24 h
  12. I’ve been playing the game for two days now triple checked I got all the details to link correct ....yet to see my rewards guys what’s going on
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  13. No hahah
  14. Y'all for real out here complaining about free 999s 🤧
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  15. Hi
  16. I'm logged out of my account cause I was tryna add an email to it, now I'm stuck on a noob account what do I do I legit just wanna log out
  17. @ATAMarceline I started a new account yesterday, joined your realm but just NOW realized I didn't log in with my ATA account. Does this mean I need to start over?
  18. They could have at least put the stats in the announcement post though.

    I personally think not including stats for items is shady 😶
  19. It does say “furniture” and not 999 as it usually does on the post though. So although easy to misunderstand, assuming that it was a normal 999 is a bit questionable.
  20. What if I forgot my password?😕
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