Happy 8th Birthday to Us!

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  1. Happy birthday :)
  2. Une Femme def.
    Valentines 2017?
    favorite memory was when I was in a young young club and cat cafes were praised and patterned.
  3. honestly anything corgi is my favorite ️
  4. Happy 8th birthday to you all
  5. I love the Duke of Love avatar and the male ghost avatar
  6. Our next hunt should be a birthday theme ATA PLEASE birthday theme, with cake and ice cream and fire works and other cool things
  7. They organize all their hunts a few months in advance
  8. Do something about the abusive people now
  9. I’m so late oh gosh but happy birthday ?
  10. Fav Avi : SHEER TALENT
    Fav event: BLACKFRIDAY
    Fav memory: when ATA introduced pvp hunts and it was chaos 
    Fav Anything: tbh ATA support team you guy reply and fix issues fast ?
  11. Only Avi I have ever gone back to 100 times is my fave BIP Glamour and Glitter 
    Also, best hunt by FAR was Black Friday ??
  12. Wait but I havent been on here a year and I swear there was already a birthday like in the middle of last year? I'm lost lol
  13. Big chungus
  14. Uptown bomber vip would be my favorite ava tbh  ... memory would most likely be the day when box bombs came out legit everyone got trigger happy and kept buying that it crashed the pimd servers or something  they were only out like 5-10 minutes then rapidly ata took them away good times good times mhm
  15. My favourite avi has to be the rose vip avi but fav hunt avi was the vamp avi I use now. Fav hunt had to be the Galaxy one that was beautiful. happy birthday Pimd
  16. Holy 💩 ATA its going 10 years this December they been around as long as my kids lol
  17. I never got any avi 😭
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  19. Happy birthday 😂💕 Couldn’t Believe I ’ve been here for 5 years🥺✌️