Happy 8th Birthday to Us!

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  1. love all the avis you’ve all done great work. Keep it up❣️
  2. I honestly love horror movies and things like that, so I think this hunt has actually been my favourite by far? I’ve played pimd for three or four years but when I got a new phone I forgot to put in my ATA password. I mean I lost aloe of stuff but now I realised that it’s not so bad starting again. thanks for all your help and thankyou for making an addictive game for me to play like 24/7 .. heheh love you x
  3. Fav avi was the Zodiac ones Aries and Libra. Fav event was like Malice In Wonderland...
  4. Apologies for the belated birthday wishes my favourite apes. I’ll make it up to you with bananas ? I promise!

    I think my favourite thing of all since I started playing, was the actual dev interactions with players.

    On so many games you would never have the chance to even know a devs name, let alone interact with one.

    I’ve seen chat blow up so many times when a dev pops into say hi  or if you’re lucky you get the chance to win a prize, whether it be through trivia, PIMD game knowledge or just through knowing random facts. Personally replying to help tickets to help players out too is a wonderful addition to game play and really does help a player feel like more than just another username.

    And I definitely would love to applaud you all for the wonderful Forum contests!

    It’s really given a chance for people to get creative and showcase their amazing talents! I’ve been absolutely blown away by the talent shown through this entire community and I feel so privileged to be around those that put in so much effort and show case what they can really do!

    It definitely makes Pimd more of a community and like me gives people with not a lot of confidence, just a chance to show some of the things I’m capable of. And everyone is immensely supportive of each other and with that I’m so proud of everyone that has made pimd what it is today.

    Going from downloading this app by accident to it being one of my favourites in creativeness, interactions and wonderful, amazing people that I couldn’t imagine my life without today. I think it was one of the best mistakes I’ve ever made.

    And going 8 years strong  I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Because I know it’s gonna be great.


  5. my favorite avatars are the zodiac leo and gemini guy, definitely!
  6. Favorite avatar currently is Mistletoe Merriment.
    Favorite event is this current Bewitching/Stephen King event.
    Favorite memory is anytime I can just stay home and watch tv shows.
    Favorite anything is eating pizza while watching a horror movie.
  7. I really liked this years black Friday event. Also, I wasn’t here for the previous hunt, but I heard the valentines hunt was really nice as well-loved the avi bags.
  8. I met the love of my life in this game. The man i’d never thought i’d meet considering my age. I can’t thank you enough because this game will always be memorable for both of us as pimd paved the way for us to meet each other in here. They say that there a few real couples here, well, you can count me and my RS as one of them.

    Happy birthday! And oh! My favorite ava is the one i got from november/december spinner and my fave event is the bf hunt. Favorite memory would be meeting my rs/soulmate.
  9. happy birthday!! 

    I'm new here but I'm really enjoy this game so much! I love it actually! I hope more players would come! ???

    Btw I love the Capricorn Avatar! Well partly because I'm a capri myself but it's because if fits my taste so much. Classy and elegant yet not to girly and that's how I like my avatar, a strong looking yet still beautiful avatar. 
  10. omf I actually won ??
  11. Omg! Thank you so much! I just woke up and it made my day!
  12. Yey! Thank you ATA ?
  13. Belated HBD PIMD !!! Enjoyment in this game is so much going out of world ... Getting Funkier from time to time. It has been a pleasure playing the game since 2014. I am just hoping i could retreive the previous acxounts i have that has not been linked to any ATA or to my email addresses. Yet setting that aside, I still enjoy and will support the game. Best Wishes ATA! Blow the world with your best.
  14. Keep your crates haha and do away with the mods then it will be great.
  15. Happy level up day!!!?
  16. Favorite memory is being on here for 3 years tbh
  17. 8 years old to me also;)
  18. By a long af shot you are :lol:
  19. Happy Birthday!! 