Happy 8th Birthday to Us!

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  1. It’s over, so I dunno why people are still trying to compete
  2. ??

    So yeah, favorite avatar? I guess American Retro. It's just so cool and like smoothly designed. Really love it when I got it from litebox, ty ATA.
    Now for the event, best for me was the idol hunt, where in you need to hit people to collect strange idols. it's awesome since there's more interaction between players that time not just trading. Bring it up again pls ?
    And wait, memory? I think that was when I met my girl. My girl and I just met in the game. We're both traders tbh, we met when she was buying a geode 999 from me before. Then...cupid must've stroke our hearts together. Now we love each other so much. Just a few weeks ago, I traveled 30+ hours just to finally meet her. I'm really thanking this game, because of this, I met my soulmate. I love you so much Vee ️
    So yeah ofc my favorite thing here tbh is trading. I can say I'm pretty good at it and people know me for that cause. If anyone needs help in their trades, feel free to hit me uo, would be honored to help you.
    That's all i guess ?
  3. Happy Infinity Birthday PIMD ! ~ ? Rk101/Laila11/Kaye ~~
    Noob101 
  4. Happpeee Birthdayyy ?
  5. Viivi.lampela.juila
  7. I just want more costume avis like the reindeer from a while ago, and the bear one. ?
  8. Happy birthday!! I’m glad to have been here for three amazing years out of it.
  9. favourite avatar? i can't choose, really, they are all so pretty :')
    favourite event? the current one. i loooove horror
    favourite memory? getting gifts uwu
    favourite anything? everything <3

    happy birthday pimd!
  10. Omg wowww
  11. Happy birthday!!! Your one year older now!!
  12. Ur late as fưck
  13. My favorite avi here is the beach bunny.
    Well the most unforgetable event for me is the Beta War. I wish pimd could bring it back 
    And my favorite moment here is when all of my friends are still playing pimd. Becsuse they're all gone busy now.
    Atleast I could share it even it's too late  I miss the old pimd so much
  14. biiieeeeessss
  15. I really loved the zodiac Avis! And I love love LOVED the biblo Hunt!!! Or the 2019 hunt! I enjoyed when one of you guys (ata) had called “Weck it Ralf breach’s the internet” the wrong name. There isn’t much more to say unless I forgot a question ?
  16. Favourite avi: VIP cloud avi
    Favourite hunt: Galaxy
    Enjoying every moment of the game really ?
  17. Noobs stop bumping old as fưck dead threads
  18. happy 8thbday pimd?