Happy 8th Birthday to Us!

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  1. In case you haven't heard, it's our birthday today! We've come such a long, looooong way since PIMD first came to life all 8 years ago. We wantedhppy to take this chance to share a truly meaningful message of gratitude to all of you who have been a part of our journey!

    We appreciate every single one of you who have come across the PIMDverse; although we, at A Thinking Ape, incepted this world, Party in My Dorm has undoubtedly been shaped, molded, and crafted by every passionate player who has enjoyed our game. We will continue to do our very best to provide you folks with the best experience possible while partying in your dorms!

    To be able to do this, our Design & Content team would love to hear your thoughts in creating more awesome stuff for you next year!

    Until Wednesday, December 26th noon PST, in the comment section below, please tell us the following. What was your....

    We will be selecting 10 random comments* to receive a PIMD Crate as an added fun thang!

    In light of these festivities, keep a look out for a Slice of Birthday Cake in your Reward Inbox! Have some virtual sugar, on us.

    Marce + the Team

    *comments have to be legitimate entries.


    Congrats winners! Go ahead and enjoy your PIMD Crate we've thrown in your Rewards Inbox!

    Thank you to everyone else for sharing with us your best memories of PIMD in all these years! We can't wait to create more with you <3 :)
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  2. Happy Birthday and First.
  3. Gotta be faster I mean c’mon I wished them a whole Happy Birthday and beat you man... jk check your gifts Happy Holidays
  4. But I made a thread saying happy birthday first even before they posted their own birthday thread ?
  5. My current avi, got it from the valentines hunt a couple years ago and haven’t stopped using it since.

    Valentines hunt, I enjoyed that players were allowed to change their IGN colour depending on the colour of the avatar’s band that those specific avatars were wearing.

    When you guys added the phone feature for stories, it’s far superior than the old way involving forums, not that also prevents players from using forums as often.

    That hacker hunt we had a while back was pretty nice, I believe it was the first official story hunt we ever had that involved the phone.
  7. My favorite avatar is still the American Psycho inspired one that I am too nubby to have gotten. For this year, I liked the blondie with the axe (forgot her official name.) I think the horror themed avis are a refreshing change of pace to the cutesy ones we normally see. :)

    I liked the Alice in Wonderland hunt the most this year. I feel like every avi, stat item and piece of furni was awesome. There weren't any I really didn't love.

    My favorite set of furniture this year is the fox/bee/bear stuff that came in the summer box. Autumn orchard stuff? Super cute.
  8. Favorite thing ever... Blue Name Dates bring em back!
  9. My favourite avatar is of course virgo and Gemini shard avatar they are gorgeous AF.
    My favourite event is BF as all the items are on sales and man everyone is crazy and excited for it.
    Favourite moments here is pimd is when I tease some mod and they are super kind(but not Daniela hahaha jkjk I will give you my pizza).
    Lastly happy birthday pimd I wish you all have another good year ahead
  10. My favorite avis were the ghost ones around Halloween, and I really liked the furni for the black magic hunt! :)
  11. My favorite avatar is the starving student because is my first avatar I won and was my biggest satisfaction since it looks as me well kinda.
    And because is real. That's how is goes with university /college in my country. Lol.
  12. Favorite avatar? My favorite avatar is still the black laced girl avi from last year’s black friday hunt. 

    Favorite event? My favorite event was the the rubix’s cube related hunt. Legit everything was related to it. I highkey want a zoo related hunt where there’s a lot of different kind of animal items and furnis. ?

    Favorite memory? My favorite memory is when I met my rs who’s been my best friend for a year now. :’) Thanks, ATA. Wouldn’t have ever met him if it wasn’t for y’all.

    Favorite anything really? There’s so many cute things that y’all create that I don’t really have a favorite. I really really love the animal items but it’d be nicer if there were different ones instead of the usual dogs/cats. My favorite stat items are the dolphin ones. OH AND I ALSO LOVE FRENCHIE THE BULLDOG. CUTEST VIRTUAL ANIMAL EVER.
  13. I don’t know if this ava is my favorite but ‘Mistletoe Merriment’ is sooo  i love her heterochromia, her curly hair, and that 90’s styleee... yaasss girll?
    My favorite event was Malice in Wonderland, because one of the things I love the most is Disney and Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite movies, and I also love playing PIMD so... having those 2 things combined is like POOF, my mind exploded, i absolutely loved it!
    I have been playing for a few months, so my favorite memory until now is when I was new a girl who is not here anymore :( helped me with my stats, she volley me and you know.. it is exciting when you get your first 80B dormmate haha and when your reach 1mcs :)
    My favorite anything is when I meet new people here, those amazing, humble and kind humans.?
  14. /.- I'd love to share but forums hates me I guess
  15. My favorite avi is the street prince(skateboard avi). When that extreme sports hunt came out i told my friends i hope i get the avi from spinner. After a few days i got it! So awesome i love it. Especily since i skate myself too. I really like the social part of the game. Thanks and happy birthday!
  16. My favorite thing recently has been the shards. I am obsessed!
  17. Thought your birthday was on December 10th.... Wut?

    My favourite avatar was the old Captain America one because it was intel and I was intel and avatars were so hard to get then. I had to buy keys to freedom from people as a brand new account, and I received some as gifts... But I got the avatar anyway.

    My favourite event was the bae watch hunt! Or AIMD

    My favourite memories are split between earning that first male avatar that suited my build, amazing trades, wholesome trades, and certain dramatic threads on forums

    My favourite anything really has to be random items that weren't initially released with the intention to make them rare, but ones that just became rare anyway like TT owls and prehistoric terrors, and the full bat bucket.
    I'm thankful for the ability to trade things because it gave me a hope that I could do better than people who were spending money on PIMD to get better by focusing my energy on outsmarting those people and trading better than them.

    The idea to have forums set up in this way is also fantastic, and I love many people in the pimd community.
  18. My favorite avi is may breeze she is such a lady
    My favorite hunt is prom 2014 because you split the hunt into three parts and rewarded top 5000
    My favorite memory is meeting my loving rs best damn thing to ever happen in my life
    Hsppy birthday PIMD