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  1. Maybe vet type avatars- with burns, scars, missing limbs. Our war heros don't get enough support.
  2. By not having one it’s discrimination against them?‍♀️ ATA up your game!
  3. I support, by not having one it’s discrimination against them this needs addressed
  4. I’m sure one post got your point across.
  5. Oooh I support this idea so much, I didn’t even realize the scuba avis were missing limbs until this thread, we need more
  6. As aforementioned, there ARE handicapped avis. However, I also think there could be more! I’d personally like to see more with skin pigmentation, as I have mild vitiligo on my legs :) the only representation for this in avis, I believe, is the tier 9 make-up artist dorm-mate :)
  7. Yes! Most people don’t know about vitiligo.
  8. Support
  9. I have made 2 sets of disabled avatars for contests for just this reason. If avatars can ride on bikes, handicapped avatars should be made.

    And I do give props to Ata for making progress on this. They did create disabled avatars once, but I do hope and crave for more. If Ata only made one set of ethnic avatars, their would be an uproar. And people were upset when there were less african, latino, etc avatars (rightfully so I was too). One is definitely not enough.

    I hope ata keeps finding ways to add them in, in a sensitive way. It would be a real plus for the community. Disabled people go to college!
  10. They have done a great job with the incorporation of more African American avis, they include them in almost every hunt, but I still do not see much diversity. We still lack Latino, Asian, Native American, and many more. Hopefully we will start to see more diversity other than Caucasian and African American, more frequently. :D
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