handicap avatars

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  1. Make it happen ATA
  2. ? don’t lock my shït this took a lot of effort high effort thread
  3. Did it take at least 1 effort?
  4. Yes I’d say so
  5. That’s a lot
  6. It’s been made known to ata before and they... sorta... made an attempt buuuut then kinda just gave up
  7. This honestly the dumbest shii I’ve seen today
  8. I want a dude in a wheel chair doing a wheelie
  10. these are the only avis I’ve seen them create with a disability

  11. Oh these are cool
  12. I’m triggered
  13. These are actually cool! Hope the ata team can make some more for future months’ avis ? I’d like to see how they’re represented
  14. I might remake this thread but with 2 effort to gather support for handicap avis-just a side note
  15. How does 1 get these
  16. you can’t they were hunt exclusive.
  17. cant imagine anything worse than actually liking the monthly avis and wasting 100 spins for 1 month timer box just to get a spinner item :)
  18. OOF s a d
  19. I support. I've never been able to be hugged by my mother with both of her arms (her right arm is paralyzed) and neither have my older siblings. That's just a minor scale- we should have wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs.
  20. Birthmarks would be cool
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.