EVENT HALLOW-PIMD Part II: Cryptid! at the Disco

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  1. So...possible dumb question....how do we purchase stuff with the tokens :,D
  2. When does the next side story start?
  3. Go to the shop, there's a section called event shop. Scroll through those items and you'll find the stuff.
  4. I like the color palette you guys choose for stat items 🤭😍 very peacefull colors , yet disturbing design, love love love
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  5. Don’t know but it’s always announced with a notification including the words “New Side story”
  6. Update!

    - Strong Potions of Torpor will now give a 25% boost!
    - Strong Potions of Torpor will now only break once you have 60 Li'l Cursey Dolls.
    - Those Li'l Cursey Dolls y'all love throwing around so much? You can now purchase them to ruin someone else's day in the Event Shop for 1000 Ghostly Warning Plaques.
    - When passing Li'l Cursey Dolls on to another player, there is a chance they might multiply (spooOoOoOookyyyyy) and spawn more. Because they're cursed.
    - Points won for breaking Potions of Torpor & Strong Potions of Torpor has been greatly increased!
  7. change of rules mid-hunt? wow :/
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  8. Yes yes this is an excellent update 🤩 proud of you guys ATA!!

    Emphasizing the PVP part and not being afraid to stick to it. That’s my game devs
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  9. This is so creative! :eek: Thanks for stepping up the game
  10. Yassss love this update 😂tysm
  11. That’s wtf I’m talking about team!!!!
    2 for 2 rn!!! I’m so proud 🥺
  12. omgeee I want the 9 tail fox avis🥺🥺🥺🥺
  13. I would appreciate it if y’all made the dolls 250-500 instead of 1000 cus I’d prefer to pvp more this hunt than party.
  14. 🌚 does anyone know how I can get that 9 tail fox avi cus that’s the first avi id spend to get
  15. Can anyone tell me where can we get the mermaid and octopus Avi from???
  16. How do you pass the dolls? 😳
  17. Hello~♡
    You can get that specific Ava from this Hunts(or Event) box! All you need is luck and viola it sall yours! (He's available in all boxes given, Lite, Timer and the Keyed one (the one where you use a PIMkey to open), i hope it helps, and gluck!
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  18. You can pass the dolls, via the Fighting option!
    Choose your 'victim' (a player to pass the doll on to) and press the Fight icon! (says Fight and has an icon like this ✊, and choosing an option costs Energy (your strngth and intell)), all you have to do is win and viola, you passed that evil doll to the victim (insert evil laugh), but ofc you must win right? In order to win easier and not get consecutive loses, either use an item (purchasable at the shop, ATTACK ITEMS) orrr you eavesdrop, but you can also do both! (Also quick tip! Target the ones at the same level of your intel and strength, and dont attack the ones higher than yours!
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  19. Thank youuuu