Guide to Volleying

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  1. Guide to volleying

    Volleying: This is where 2 or more people repeatedly hire somebody.

    Before volleying you need to make sure the person you are volleying is active at the time so post a short msg on there wall and wait for a reply. If you have over 200mil try and get people 1mil as it will not take as long to volley

    The higher the price you volley the player to the more you get but I would stop at around 100mil to make sure they upgrade the correct way either post on there wall or in a private msg tell them the following:

    •Tell them to drop their 1k crew members
    Heres a list of them List of; sorority girl, party guy, cheerleader, goth girl, intellectual hero, Rastafarian.

    •Don't spend the money earnt until after we have volleyed you

    •After volley buy up to your twelfth dorm and fill with 225k crew members (6) hipsters and (6) sleazy girls upgrade all of these to lvl 4

    (the amount of dorms depends on how high you volley description is for around 370mil but it can differ)

    If any extra money left depending on how much or your own opinion tell them to either buy another dorm or hire a good tutor.
    -My advice tell them to buy another crew member.
    How volley will help you and your volley partner;
    Everytime a tutor is hired from you, you get an extra bit of cash the higher the price of the tutor the more money you get.

    Both the people volleying will get 40mil if you volley the tutor to 370mil
    How it will help the person being volleyed;
    •Well this is kind of obvious but it's a very quick way of getting your stats up and getting cash.
    If volleyed to 370mil they will get 21.1mil and be able to upgrade to 4,240 combined stats
    Alot of people don't want to keep the person volleyed but they quickly get hired as they are underpriced for their stats anyway.
    Volley partner;
    This is an quick and easy way of getting money no strings attached.

    If the person is volleyed to 370mil
    You will earn 40mil profit


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