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  1. Guide To The Spinner

    We have yet to do a few more tests to for probability and finding the exact amount of videos you can watch a day. This was made before the feature was released however we have changed it for it to be deem fit for the feature. We will update it once we have figured it out :p

    The Spinner is the newest feature introduced by pimd on July 23rd 2015.

    Here is a link to PIMD's announcing thread.

    It can be found on your homescreen, right above the party button. It looks like this:

    This feature basically aims at trying out your luck to receive some cool rewards, absolutely Free!

    Table Of Content

    This guide will cover the following things:

    • What is the Spinner?
    • How to use the Spinner?
    • What is a Prize Token?
    • Rewards.

    What is the Spinner?

    The Spinner is the newest feature introduced by Pimd to provide the players an opportunity to earn some special rewards using pimd tokens.

    Your luck is really tested here. Every drop stated on your spinner has a chance to drop, the spinner is not rigged.

    How to use the Spinner?

    You are able to start spinning once you have 100 pimd tokens in your inventory.

    You can start the Spinner anytime by clicking on the Spin button.

    Once it comes to a stop, that is the prize you have obtained from that spin. You can also check your notification for your prize, in case you forget.

    What is a Prize Token?

    A Prize Token is a coin which can be used by players to use the Spinner Feature, available on the home page. This currency is different from the pimd money you make from parties or wars. This is specifically made to access the Spinner feature.

    Prize tokens can be obtained through two ways in Pimd, for free.

    Getting it free every three hours

    Watching advertisement

    To obtain free prize tokens you have to click this button.
    (insert free reward button photo)

    You have to wait 3 hours before you can have another chance to get free pimd tokens.

    This way will provide you random number of free tokens every time you click the button, to a maximum of 500 prize tokens in one chance.

    The prize tokens reported to have been collected with this method are:

    • 15 Prize Tokens
    • 20 Prize Tokens
    • 25 Prize Tokens
    • 50 Prize Tokens
    • 100 Prize Tokens
    • 200 Prize Tokens
    • 500 Prize Tokens

    Another way to get Prize Tokens is by watching adverts. The time you have to wait is estimated around 10-15 minutes.

    To obtain prize tokens by this way is very simple. All you have to do is watch an advertisement video.

    Once you have watched the video you should come to this page after leaving the advert:

    Every time you watch a video you get 20 tokens fixed. It is not random.


    This feature will give you an assured rewards after you spin once.

    Every time you spin you have a chance to recieve the following:


    Extra Credits


    Doctor Notes

    Pizza Bikinis


    Care Packs

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    I hope we have helped
  2. I swear I was making this guide but deleted it because of all the issues  good job Jigglypuff  edit: and Sunny ?
  3. I think it's slightly rigged and there are different drop rates.
  4. Good job Jiggy ?
  5. I was going to try emailing ATA to find the chance percentage of winning each prize so that players know their odds, but I doubt they'll tell me 
  6. Nice guide but don't forget to mention if you've got a chance to watch a video a link appears in the notifications section.
  7. Could always try figure out from threads saying drops I guess but very few post if it's just cash.
  8. In the newsfeed? I haven't had notifs in my nf  maybe it's because I'm on iOS lol
  9. Jiggy, for the cash you should include that the amount of cash varies based on your stats 

    @rawr, yeah but I feel like that wouldn't be accurate ?
  10. It'd be very rough..
  11. We have not mentioned that because when the ghost notification comes up, the button is also there.

    Harmony, when you have an advert which you can watch, there will be a notification in your newsfeed. When clicked you'll se a blue drop bar.

    @Harmony again :lol: We are also testing the various amount depending on your stats, ie the percentage affecting the cash you get from a spin :)
  12. Yeah but it would only apply to the people that use forums ?
  13. Sounds good Jiggy  yeah, I literally just noticed it right now lol I went to my nf to look for it and I was like "well I'll be damned" 

    With my stats the most I've received is a little over 2b; the least I've received is a little over 400m ? I'll post exact numbers later 
  14. You can always just watch video, shut down app for a minute then 90% of the time video function returns (IOS)
  15. I think the highest amount of cash that drops is the amount you can get in the store for 15 extra credits.
  16. Idk. The most I can get from the nurse is a little over 4b ?
  17. I saw someone get 100b.. :?
  18. Highest I've got is 572m which is how much I can get from the nurse. :)
  19. I have a question. How did you manage to end on 11 tokens
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  20. No way ? what was their stat range?