Guide to the Pet Rock

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  1. Am in urgent need of the grits!! Anyone knows where I can get them or can someone gift them to me
  2. In need of grits. Does anyone have any???
  3. I have a lot
  4. I still actively give away grit. Just wall me. It will always be free from me (Ok free =Porta potty). If anyone is still in need ever, I do still play
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  5. I need help lol still I know j am a dingbat but I posted on ur wall and then noticed today I had two piles of 2 diff. Mineral dust? What else do I need a third kind?
  6. Taupe, cocoa, and sienna grit. The guide lists them. Do you have the rock pet, or have you still not opened the box?
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  7. I don't have the box ?
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  8. The rock pet was available for April Fool's 2019, if you didn't get the rock capsule you can't get the rock pet unless they bring it back.
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  9. Yeah, this person's account is less than 50 days old. They def weren't here for April Fool's 2019.
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