Guide to the Dorms and Crew of PimD

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  1. Hasn’t not been updated yet, but I am in the process of having mod update the info as we speak. I already wrote it. They just need to copy/paste
  2. And so he lives
  3. Lmao yes and thankfully I’m about to graduate college
  4. Bumping for calculator
  5. Can someone bump the new guide with exchange system for me please.
  6. I’m happy to add those prices if you’d like
  7. I’m dying at the fact that forums has labeled me a “new member” I’ve been at it for over 7 years 😂❤️
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  8. Can this be updated for 68 dorms?
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  9. I can try
  10. Is there a guide that shows how much stats we get from each dorm mate?
  11. Look at this guide.
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  12. Update for exchange system pls