Guide to the Dorms and Crew of PimD

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  1. Fur Scott. Sorry about bumping tier 9 :(
  2. I looked at this one to. Just says stats give to pup. Nothing bout what I would get :c
  3. Helps a lot
  4. Is there any info/guide to dorms refund ratios and ratio change per level and/or tier?

    Also this thread is soo helpful for a neubie like me; wish i read this on my day 1... Thank you @ryan and all others who helped?
  5. Bump for new tier info
  6. From what I remember (could be wrong though, don't quote me), you get back 20% of the cost of the dormmate you evict.
  7. I need my dorm decorated
  8. Your kicked out of campus
  9. Bump for tier 11 infos pls
  10. Bump for tier 11 infos pls
  11. How can add dorms mate ?
  12. Effort ️️?
  13. I need to update this bad ?on it
  14. How do you sell your dorm room or dorm mates?
  15. You can't sell them. You can only trade them for others