[Guide] to PvP on PIMD for new/mid players

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  1. Great info
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  2. Hey @Kefo sorry to bug you again but does pvp help or stats or nah? I can't find anything in the op about it and other players i ask don't know
  3. PvP can be more profitable than regular parties, thus using it smartly can help improve your profits and help you upgrade faster which helps your stats.

    There are many other potential benefits to pvp including other ways it can make you more powerful, more knowledgeable, confident, formidable, etc. but it's up to how you do it.
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  4. I really appreciate you helping me out!! Can you go a little more indepth about that last part though? Wha?t other:ways?
  5. I'll say this, the main point of having stats is to strengthen you in pvp.

    Parties are mostly unreceptive to your stats changing and the experience of a 100kcs person who only parties is basically identical to someone who's 100mcs.
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  6. Thank you for making this post! Very helpful!
  7. theres one person i know of who hits people who are smaller than them and cant hit back (like me 🥴). they do this to a lot of small accounts and then go to their club members too, most of which cant hit back either. then says if they want ceasefire they need to give 20m misc. i dont care cuz they really only take like 27 mil from me with each hit, its mostly just annoying. im sure its much more stressful for players whose clubs are also being hit, whats a way this would be solved?
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  8. My friends and I recently started a pimd Gaming Community called ‘Anemonous’. We have a club as our in-game presence, but the community goes beyond clubs!

    Our goal is to build a system in which players who are against the sort of behavior you describe can hang out together, share info and resources, and help each other in whatever way we can/are comfortable with.

    People can join as community members or as allies (who are dedicated to confronting this issue head on, even if it means more attention from those who are bullying or farming unethically).

    All we ask of anyone who joins the community is that they not engage in unethical/petty use of the PvP system (i.e. Bullying or Farming players for hiring underpriced tutors). Other than that, just be respectful, don’t harass anyone, and don’t be creepy.

    We currently have a Discord, and we are building a Reddit community as well.

    Anyone who is interested is welcome to join as long as they abide by the community rules!

    Feel free to wall and add me for more info!
  9. UPDATE: We’ve Also Created A Forum Thread with More Information!
  10. How to join ur club
  11. I mean the community
  12. 🎯how to farm?🎯
    ⚔️get whoever kicked out of club(do not use club's name unless club farm)farm the club if they refuse to kick(if enter sfw club just ignore)
  13. ◼️reason to farm◼️
    ▪️hired op(overpriced) tutor
    ▪️scammed something (check if main)
    ▪️offensive language
  14. ◼️reason to not farm◼️
    ▪️got your feelings hurt
    ▪️for *****
    ▪️for furniture (against to you)
  15. How do I get roles for role play?