[Guide] to PvP on PIMD for new/mid players

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  1. Hey! I checked this out and I myself couldn't hit players 5x my stats. But a player that has almost 1/7 my stats could hit me. Now I'm just confused.
  2. They may have been "defender too weak" from using their energy to hit you. :)
  3. ^ that, but also tb, rs, and misc are included in calculations of whether you can hit or not to make things fairer. The person who's 5x your stats may also have more tb and misc which nudge then out of your hit range, and the person 1/7th your stats could be an alt loaded with stat boosts to make them more tanky
    :) this extra stuff just makes things fairer.
    The base stats aren't the whole story, but they are most of it :')
  4. ok so r p ki ol
  5. Yay let's bump it again
  6. lmao I'm like 6mcs but I can't hit 1mcs but 31mcs can hit me
  7. Misc bonus, rs bonus, and tb are all included in this calculation, too.
  8. wack ata pls I'm a noob
  9. Very Helpful Thanks
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  10. THIS 🗣🗣🗣
  11. Oh I miss a good SFW tbh.
  12. Is there a thread where it states which reason is valid to put one under sf or sfw? I know some reasons are invalid. It was being asked in trivia crate give aways so i know there are rules towards sfw and the reason to put people in them
  13. I've personally never heard of there being invalid reasons for sfw, but maybe someone else has. As far as I know the only requirement is that a ceasefire needs to be given. A ceasefire can't be any form of real world currency or items with EC value. Marcie gave an update on this extortion and harassment thread. Sorry if that's not what you were looking for.
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  14. You need to be able to strip tutors and farm in order to put someone in sfw. Those are the only 'rules'. I'd point you towards the "contexts of pvp" and "community values" part of this guide. They sort of answer your question.
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  15. Can someone explain about the invites for bentos? I'm playing pimd for months now but im still clueless about those things sorry, please explain it if you can. Thank you!
  16. Invites are a type of premium party where you have to use a consumable item that is bought using ecs. Players who don’t want to use rwc often exchange bentos for another player dropping invites at a party for them.