[Guide] to PvP on PIMD for new/mid players

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Kefo, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Better someone do that than just remain a cc fairy, which I'd say happens even more often.
  2. amazing guide Jedi
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  5. Only way I'll stay in this game if this is back :(
  6. The tutor market doesn't seem to be as open as this thread says. I've already encountered people who whine if you hire their tutor.
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  10. Hot sauce, I’m terrified  I still consider myself a new player (3 months) and I get pretty upset when I get hit. I’m a party-based earner.

    This guide helped me understand a few of the other ways of hits functioning- especially BL. I guess I should try a regular old war someday!

    There are a few other things I’ve encountered - like targets trying to leave clubs under SFW and hide in others, making that next club a target. You didn’t mention ceasefires/CF.

    It was good to read a bit more about what a hit means, noobs like me surely think they’re all bad. Thanks for helping ?
  11. Excellent guide on battles and war. Thanks Kefo. Just two question:
    1) If the person hitting me is 11.5MCS with her RS being 35MCS and me being only 9MCS what r the chances that I will win on hitting back.
    2) Is there any upper limit for battle hits. I have been hit for almost 200+ times till now.
  12. There is no limit on how many times you can hit someone. Only your energy bar is the limit.

    And I feel like the answer to Q.A is advanced and someone who knew would be unlikely to share unless you're on their side of a war ?
  13. Yeah.. so how does it work when I have 0% hit on someone, While on date and use best attack item. And they can attack me without any problems?

    ANSWER: Misc is not taken into the calculation of who is dtw.