[Guide] to PvP on PIMD for new/mid players

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  1. PvP is short for player versus player and is the basis of PIMD. In 2010, when PIMD was first released, the only way to make money was by hitting other players, and all the game's mechanics are fundamentally based on PvP.

    In this guide I’d like to briefly introduce you to:

    1. [*]PvP actions
      [*]how to take lots of money and keep your money safe
      [*]how energy influences your character
      [*]the Hidden battle arenas
      [*]the contexts of PvP
      [*]some brief points on community values surrounding PvP

    Battle Actions

    In most engagements with other players, you’ll be able to retaliate and win, and the best way to do this is by using the battle actions smartly.

    If you view someone’s profile and click the ‘battle’ button

    , or click the frowny face in the ‘meet people’ list,

    the battle screen will appear. On this battle screen you have 4 options:

    • [*]Fight
      [*]Dance Off

    These options each manipulate up to 4 things: Your energy, your money, your opponent’s energy, and your
    opponent’s money.
    From here on, I’ll refer to opponents as ‘oppo’.

    Own Energy: Goes down by 9%
    (decreased to 5% if the report says you 'crushed them like an insect')
    Own Money: Goes up moderately
    Oppo Energy: Goes down mildly
    Oppo Money: Goes down moderately

    Dance off
    Own Energy: Goes down by 7%
    Own Money: Goes up extremely
    Oppo Energy: Goes down minutely
    Oppo Money: Goes down mildly

    Own Energy: Goes down 3%
    Own Money: No Change
    Oppo Energy: Goes down extremely
    Oppo Money: No Change

    Own Energy: Goes down by 2%
    Own Money: No change
    Oppo Energy: No change
    Oppo Money: No change
    Special: Gives you TOP SECRET INFORMATION (and your oppo won’t know who ED’d them)

    Basic summary of the 4 actions

    Fights - take lots of money and a bit of energy, make you quite a bit of money, but also cost you lots of energy.
    An all-rounder that drains your opponent's energy and makes you quite a bit of money, while also being the best attack for making your oppo poorer.
    Dance offs - take very little money or energy, but make you lots of money while costing you a bit over half the energy you make in a regen.
    Dancing is the best way to make you rich. It doesn't hurt your oppo as much as pranks or fights, but improves you more than both.
    Pranks - take lots of energy while costing you only a bit, but don’t earn you money or take money from your oppo.
    Pranking is the best way to drain your opponent's energy, and it has a very low cost to you.
    Eavesdrops - have very little energy cost, and are used for spying, and some other secret uses that I won’t list in here (ask around).

    These 4 actions each scale from either your strength or intelligence stats, meaning that your chances of winning against another player depends on the difference between your strength or intelligence stats.

    Fights - scale from strength
    Dance Offs - scale from intelligence
    Pranks - scale from intelligence
    Eavesdrops - scale from intelligence


    Money Loss
    In the previous section in the “oppo – money” section, I mention that some actions take money, however the pool from which the oppo may lose money is their cash ‘on hand’ or ‘out’ or ‘in their purse’ whatever you choose to call it. And the amount that they will lose is proportional to the amount that they have out. So if they have nothing out, they can't lose any money, and if they have like 1b out, you will take much less than if they have 1T out.

    Money Maintenance
    To keep your money safe, invest in tutors, bank it, or send gifts to people. Just minimize the amount of money that is in your hand; also if you don’t lose a fight, you won’t lose any. So defending battles will keep you safe too.


    Your overall power is influenced by your energy level. When your energy bar is low, you are tired, and when it is empty you are sleeping. While sleeping you cannot attack other players or be attacked, but you wake up slowly and will be tired and vulnerable for a while so in PvP it is always optimal to have your energy full so that you are able to have fast reaction times and do more damage. Having more energy increases your chances of winning a battle, but also increases your payout (plunder) from winning.


    If the stats displayed on your profile are smaller than those on your oppo's, there are various ways to increase your chances of winning offensive/defensive battles. These buffs increase your chances of winning, but do not influence plunder.

    • [*]Tutors
      [*]Relationship dates
      [*]Showcase items

    Battle Arenas

    On PIMD there are hidden arenas for battles that are determined by the game’s mechanics. All players are always in an arena and they cannot ever be left. These arenas are specified to your stats continuously as you upgrade to make sure the game is always fair.
    People who are in the same arena as you are between 1/5th and 5x your stats, meaning that you cannot hit anyone larger than 5x your stats, or smaller than 1/5th. If you try to attempt to hit someone out of these bounds, you will get a pop-up saying either 'Defender too Weak' or 'Defender too Strong'.

    The lower limit 'DTW' of who you can hit is determined by the dorm mates you can use. The ones with the most uneven stats all have a ratio of 1:6 or 6:1 str:intel, meaning that if someone is less than 1/6th your stats, it will basically be impossible for them to hit you more than half of the time, so this is unfair.

    Just for an example, say you’re 70kcs

    and someone is 1/6th your stats, at about 12kcs.
    If they were to build their stats specifically and optimally to beat you, they would max out their strength (your weakest stat). Their stats would thus be

    In this case they are just barely equal to you, if someone was 11kcs, it would be unfair because they'd have a less than 50% chance of hitting.

    On top of this, instead of having that hard-line rule of 6, A.T.A nerfed it and made it 5x, so that weaker players will have more flexibility when choosing builds and don't need to be exactly built to defend themselves against 1 specific build type, like in that example.

    The upper limit, ‘DTS’ grants badasses and determined players the ability to hit people much larger than them and get a lot of payout, and also of course, to retaliate if hit.
    A player is only DTS, or too large to hit, if they're more than 5x your stats.

    Summary -You’re always in an open arena on PIMD. And if someone can hit you, you can hit them. The constraints of the arena are based on your stats so that anyone can always have a reasonable chance at winning.

    Contexts of PvP

    There are a few different ways to engage in pvp, and multiple motivations that people can have for engaging in PvP.

    • SFW – Strip Farm War. Often involves multiple clubs who hire (strip) tutors from their oppo, and farm them in order to take as much money as possible, and weaken them. Sfw's can last months and years, but are technically much more demanding than all other forms, due to team dynamics, and the full use of the game's mechanics to come out on top.
    • System War – System wars, or Club Wars are friendly wars where no stripping occurs. It's a war to see which side can make the most money. Stripping tutors in system wars is strictly forbidden and heavily punished. System wars are intended to be fun and are held for weddings, funny debates like whether pinapple on pizza is okay, or Sonic versus Knuckles, or if Waluigi deserves his own game. But are mainly used to introduce and teach newer players about PvP on PIMD.
      WhiteElder-Dragon made a guide to System Wars in his guide ‘How to War’
    • SF – 1v1 strip-farming, usually done to settle personal disputes, however this can also be done for plunder
    • Pwar – Short for Plunder war, these are friendly wars that are used as a better alternative to parties for earning money. One side 'buries' their money by hiring tutors, and the other side doesn’t strip any tutors but just hits them continuously for money. The side being hit doesn’t lose anything because their money is buried.
    • BL Hitting – BL hitting is short for Battle List Hitting.
      Done from the meet people list, club member list, or campus chat, it customarily involves hitting people up to 5 times, but moving on to a new target and not starting any fights.
      This is primarily done to make money while energy could be going to waste, or when bored. It is also done to gauge one’s own effectiveness and to know who you can and can’t hit successfully. Done without any malicious intent, it is a way of making money and testing your metal.
      – Note: Some people BL hit up to a full unload though this is uncommon.
    • Love Taps – Much like BL hits, these are affectionately given to friends at surprising moments to show affection

    Builds and their uses

    Each battle action is influenced by either your strength or intelligence, and your opponent’s corresponding stat.
    So someone who has these stats

    will most likely lose in a dance off or prank to someone who is only

    because only one stat(intelligence) is involved in the calculation for the outcome.
    So if/when you decide whether you like fighting, pranking, dancing, maybe fighting with some pranks sprinkled in, or dancing and fighting, or maybe your favourite avatar has stats that you want to copy, you'll want to build your account based on that. But before selecting any build, I suggest reading Rude's guide to builds. It goes into more depth. Just click
    this link.

    Community Values on PIMD

    People who pick on people much smaller than them just because they can are looked down upon. If you think you’re being picked on by someone, who you can’t hit back, for not apparent reason but that they can get away with it, it is perfectly reasonable to ask for help, and people will most likely help you out.

    Don't call Open Farm on active players. You can ask friends or others to help you take care of them, but essentially, you should optimally be fighting your own battles. It is customary for people who call open farm in campus to be hit just for that. It shows cowardice, and if an open farm were to ever work, it would be completely overpowered, and wouldn't be fair to the victim.
    If you have a problem with what someone has done, you can talk to your friends. It works better.

    Common Sense.
    Don't strip someone and hit them, that's a declaration of war.
    Your plunder from fights doesn’t depend on how much money they have out, so don't be a pancake-head.

    Keeping Tutors.
    There exists an open tutor market on PIMD, and if you are worried about losing tutors, it is your responsibility to bump yours to their appropriate hire value, or above, if you wish for people not to hire them. Writing a menacing note and threatening to farm, or doing anything but keeping them appropriately priced is silly and can get people farmed.
    (If your tutor is worth more than 1b for every 3kcs of their base stats, they're definitely appropriately priced.

    I hope this basic guide to PvP in PIMD has helped you. Stay fantastic.

    -Last updated 12/1/18
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