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  1. You need the exact amounts to be safe, if you have too much of what you need it’s likely to combine into the wrong one. You have to collect both to get the next tier anyway though.
  2. These avis were done very strangely. If you want the final tier female avi, you need to collect every male and female avi that comes before it. Starting with the 1st tier male avi, then 1st tier female, then 2nd tier male, and so on. You have to get them in order.
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  3. Hello. During the first few hours of the Black Friday event I opened 2 boxes with keys. The 1st was good however the 2nd showed an error message (which I still get as of now so I am not buying ecs since I also cannot due to the error message) and got nothing in return. Everyone said I should have done a screenshot but it was in the middle of the black cat event so I got stuck with nothing and no rewards. Please check and thanks. All I wanted was to get my birthstone Opal so I was eager to open boxes but this lagging up til now is not a good one for the money. Thanks
  4. Hope someone replies!
  5. You should copy this and paste it into a help ticket.

    The developers answer messages in the help section and they are the ones who can help you with this issue.
  6. Hi Day. I posted here a few days ago during and after bf and it seems to not show anymore. I bought 2 keys for the boxes during bf hunt and error messages and lags were here and there. Long story short opened box it gave me stones. Opened 2nd box error message then it gave me nothing. Please dont delete my post again. Its nowhere to be seen anymore. Plus during the whole BF Event I cannot go and purchase ecs and such due to lags and error message: Unable to receive iap items. Error : 2.
  7. I replied to this comment on the other forum you posted this in.