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  1. Hey I hit a party in my club and used 3 DNS and didn't receive anything... not even money!
  2. What bar did you hit? It may have been a non-money bar, wherein you'll receive the plunder at the end of the party instead of during.
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  3. Finally something that's on topic
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  4. Low key thanks for the bump drama llamas
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  5. To bring this back on topic and because I didn't want to post a new thread only to say this: I really wish we could use the browser version of forums. It would be so handy.
    Sometimes I check threads through browser because it's much smoother than through the app. It would make navigating easier for people like me, because as of right now my forum glitches 80% of the time and is really slow to load.

    We all have emails and passwords connected to PIMD. It could work to log in here as well. Just wishful thinking.
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  6. Hello, why I am not able to trade bento or chibis with anyone? Please help me
  7. You have a bento anchor. It prevents trading of bentos.
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  8. Hi I'm not getting my spinner prizes y is that? Can you please help me it keeps happening already 8 times
  9. Send a ticket to a.t.a in the help section. They will reimburse you if something has gone wrong with the spinner or something like that
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  10. Hey my gc are always loading and not letting me see them. Can u help me?
  11. Help Tickets aren’t a part of forums.

    Click the upper right icon when you’re on the home page of the game, and select help. From there it should allow you to start a new ticket.

  12. Question what does no dns mean?
  13. No Doctor’s Notes.

    It basically means that you can not use a DN to get more regen back faster.
  14. Don't use doctor notes
  15. Hey there Rawan
  17. Hey there :)