[Guide] To Knowing Your Hit Range Bucket

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  2. You can use this:

    Formula: x2 and ÷2 of your stats to know your hit range
    Note: This is just an estimate
    Not accounting their bonuses from Tutors, Relationship and Misc

    The only real way know is by trying to hit and check because it's very hard to guess someone's tutor bonus and misc bonus.
  3. This is great. Helps me realize why a 60mcs used to be able to hit me  thank God for the balances
  4. Important note, imo, that I forgot when calculating my ranges and optimum build ratios:

    i.e if you're capped, you can only use up to your capped amount to determine MMR.
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  6. This is what I thought lol. So in stead of 5x or some fùckery with exponents, it's now just 1/2x to 2x stats.
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  8. In the old system, if you have someone whose stats divide into 0.51, they're at the bottom of their bucket, and someone whose stats divide into 0.99, they're at the top of their bucket.

    But this is essentially someone who is double your stats and they're in the same bucket as you, and this allowed for wacky hit ranges.

    The new rule is a tendency towards only being able to hit being able to hit people between (approaching) 1/4 your stats or (approaching) 4x your stats, though this will be unlikely because (fairly assuming, unless something about how we can/do build our stats would suggest otherwise) the size of our hit ranges would follow a normal distributuon.

    Normal distributions say that most people would only experience battles from within the range of a factor of 3.

    In the old system it was possible, but very unlikely, for people up to 8x your size to hit you, but inversely it was also possible but equally unlikely to also experience people scarcely above 2x your stats being dts (defender too strong).

    The tendency was towards a normal of 4x.

    Formulae for hit ranges:

    s = the number you get when you divide your raw stats by 2 until it's below 1
    x = the number of times you had to divide your raw stats to get that number.





    A potential improvement:

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