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    I'm here to talk about dignity. So many of you don't seem to know it when you see it, and I want to set the record straight about dignity on PIMD.

    People on PIMD have different definitions of dignity and some contentions exist, so let's start with the basics.

    1) Willingness to RP.
    If you are too shy about your image to chuck some asterisks in your messages once in a while, you have no dignity.

    2) Fight Losses.
    If your fight losses are less than 2%, you are too much of a party fairy and are probably missing any real exposure to much of PIMD. Your flosses are a sign of weakness that people will be keen to exploit.
    Everyone can see this sign of shame all of the time and should help you.

    3) Tutors
    There are degrees of dignity in relation to how people treat tutors.
    If you wall people about tutors worth less than 1b, you should be less than 10kcs otherwise you have no dignity.
    If you aren't in an sfw and hit people over them bumping your underpriced tuts, you have no dignity.
    If you are in an sfw but have no club tag and complain about people hiring your tutors, your club owner should tell you to get a tag. If they don't, they have no dignity.

    4) Forums
    If you know that forums exist and are curious enough to enter it in terms of answers and deeper knowledge about PIMD, you have dignity.

    5) Items
    If all you buy is furniture and your showcase looks like a dog's breakfast, you have no dignity.
    Dignity looks like having a neat assortment of boxes, story rewards of varying stats dating back to early 2017. Dignity looks like nice spinner sets and items. Dignity looks like you invest in items that mean something to you personally. Dignity looks like having rare and prestigious items. Dignity also means not feeling the need to prove yourself as an interior decorator, but if you do, you should do it on your own and allow your dorm to express yourself rather than simply being something that other people like. If you ask people to bully you about your style so it can improve, you would gain more dignity by never asking about such an irrelevant and personal thing.

    6) Fun
    Do you know the cliche about how boring people are easily bored? Boring people don't know how to have fun without spending money to try and have more fun. If you are addicted to spending money on PIMD, lack the patience for not doing everything you want to do on here as fast as possible using money, you will not survive bankrupty, are too heavily dependent and are thus undignified .

    7) Honesty
    You have to be honest to habe dignity. Honest with yourself and honest with others. If you cannot be honest about your feelings and mistakes, you have no dignity. Sometimes it may feel rude to be too honest but you are not the only judge here, but you are a decent one so whatever.
    Brutal honesty and the ability to criticize things that you see as problematic is dignified.

    8) Pride
    You have to be proud of what you've done and achieved no matter how undignified because only when you are proud of yourself can you be truly proud of others, and share congratulations.
    Also don't be too proud or arrogant.

    9) Humour
    Humour and humility and the ability to laugh at yourself to deescalate a situation that isn't worth getting overly involved in. The ability to not always insist on your truth is dignifief.

    10) Fairness
    Being forgiving and fair to people is a big part of dignity. Farming people far smaller than yourself just because you can is costly not only in compromising your income, but also in your reputation.


    That is dignity.

    Or is it?

    Some have differing views on dignity, often defended by a primary trait.

    1) Genuineness
    Being genuine and playing however you want, not letting others tell you what to do, and acting in accordance with whatever your principles are is dignified.

    This perspective is often employed to defend party fairies, people who cry and farm over tutor hires and battle list hits, etc.

    Another core alternative trait that can contradict the initial list is

    2) Politeness
    Polite players who keep to themselves, don't criticize or speak out, never causing any trouble, and accept however people choose to play are often very agreeable. However a lack of rigidity and passion from them can lead to unremarkability, and the appearance of fearfulness.
    Many would think that people who are very polite would speak out and be more active if it weren't for fear however aloofness and a wish to simply enjoy pimd and keep it a relaxing game rather than fighting it and other players is also a very common cause.

    Dignity is a weird thing.
    I don't know if it can ever be defined conclusively but some things definitely matter for it. In any community, dignity can also be defined as serving that community and acting according to its customs, or having an amount of autonomy (depending on the value such a society puts on individuality).

    In conclusion, Kirk Van Houten's two biggest memes provide an interesting and wholesome commentary on dignity.

    What does dignity mean to you?
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  2. srry dignity is not in my vocabulary kefo
  3. You've been doing alright so far. I guess it was just good luck :(
  4. I am disgusted by all of the dignity I allegedly have. Was actively trying for the opposite
  5. You tryna tell me you have no dignity?
    With your 7% FL,
    Membership in a club that's all about the open tutor market,
    Knowledge of forums and the game,
    And brave statement that it's "issa game" haha
    Lie again
  6. Some people say that not trying to have dignity is the key to actually having dignity. Wacko huh?
  7. Pimd is all kefo lives for
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  8. No one has ever described my pimd behavior as dignified before.
  9. This is... Much too complicated.
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  10. This is like the "privilege points" list but for dignity on pimd
  11. 🙄🙄 what the actual fuck.
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  12. lamestream news
  13. Idk it word n that was way to much as fuck words
  14. I stopped reading this bs after you said as long as you are in sfw and have a tag, its perfectly fine to complain over underpriced tutor hires lol
  15. Miss no pimd dignity over here. What else could you possibly want in laif
  16. Wow we all have our own opinions on what dignity is and I respect that view. Thanks for sharing.
  17. This is my favourite post and thread.
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  18. Kefo, posting what dignity is, and who has it, while constantly trying to refine well define terms of in game terms, as well as constantly calling out players for being different than you, and making people feel inferior to you, arguing over nothing for hours in hopes they will just give up and agree for PIMD clout is undignified for many who don't rp, but will, or who don't have a tag but fight, or who don't have losses,but have resolve, your indications of dignity or lack of are severely skewed, especially in a world of alts tou should know well by now. You are not helping anyone know anything, just virtue signalling how cool people should think you are, and having the opposite effect... 😕 Kefo... quit posting thinking you are better than everyone because you are willing to rp or take an ass beating... those are stupid mesures of "morality" on this app..
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  19. What the fuck is going on on your wall
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