[Guide] Roleplay Guide & Tips for new players 🖤

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  1. Perhaps you’re new to this world of roleplay or you never fully understood how it works. That's why I want to give you some tips so you don't suffer anymore! 🥰

    Let get started!

    Character & History

    The first thing you have to be clear about is "who are you?"
    A good way to create your character is by using worlds or stories that you already know well.

    Three basic questions that you must answer about your character will be:
    🔸what are you or what do you do?
    🔸what do you want?
    🔸what do you do to get it?

    For example, it's not the same if your character is a young programmer who is into hacking and is on the run from the law, or if your character is a warrior elf who is trying to get back to Ferelden but his land was invaded.

    So the main thing is to put together a character profile and a little story.
    Is this mandatory? No, it's not...
    But if you want your roleplay (rp) to flow and last a while, this will do the trick!

    You can always change the focus of your character, or its history, its origin… but keep in mind that if you make radical changes in your character you will have to communicate it out of character (ooc) to those people with whom you want to continue roleplaying.
    It will be up to them if they want to continue roleplaying with your new character.

    Quick Tips about history & characters

    🔸 If you're not good at creating a character from zero, use a character from your favorite movie, video game, series, or book. But keep in mind that when interacting with others, they may recognize you and not follow the same line as you. So be patient or try to lead the way!

    🔸Don’t try to be a GODPLAYER. If your character is unbreakable, with unlimited power and you always end up winning any situation, no one will want to continue roleplaying with you. Believe me!! Basicaly, because the situation becomes boring or many times it stagnates or blocks other characters from being able to advance in their stories.

    ACTION! 🎬🎥

    Okay, you already have a brand new character full of expectations to fulfill ✨ but... what now?

    You have two options:
    🔸you can post in a general chat that you want to do a certain roleplay and ask to be added. I'll come back to this in a minute…
    🔸you can join a club that in its rules is specified that they do roleplay. If you join a club that doesn't allow it, you won't have a good experience…

    Since there are many types of rp, try to find a club that matches your story. It may take time to find it, but believe me, you will.

    Once you're part of a club, my recommendation is to watch how they behave to settle in and start your rp.
    Whenever you have doubts, you can ask an admin privately. I'm sure they will be happy to help you.

    Regarding the private roleplay if someone adds you, there is a list of do's and don'ts that you must do and respect:

    🔸If the roleplay starts right away, don't rush things. Go slowly to see and understand the other person's story.
    🔸If the roleplay hasn't started yet, you can start by asking the other person what they would like to do and what their limit is, and you can communicate the same.
    🔸🛑🚫🚩If the roleplay you are looking for has to do with vi*lence of some kind or s*x, please, first ask the other person if they agree and MAKE SURE that the other person is +18. If you are a minor, don't do it or incite it... your time will come. I know about hormones and that, but… enjoy your youth, please!


    Descriptions are fantastic! You don't need to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer to do rp.
    It’s enough that you describe the actions or situations.

    For example, you are new in a club. You must first enter the house, greet people, and ask if there is room for you. Then you can start making your own rp, but make sure you don't rush into anything.

    Act like it's real life!
    Surely if you visit a stranger's house, you will not go straight to his fridge to get a beer and jump on the couch.

    Use simple actions!
    If you want to just look someone in the eyes, use something like *looks into Jack's eyes*.
    It's not necessary to use something like *stares into Jack's eyes as if they were daggers nailing into the enemy's skin thus ending all the suffering he made him live*

    Please… no…

    UNLESS you are actually creating a specific environment. If there is only a conversation between friends, there is no need to do something like that. It really depends on the situation.

    If someone walks in, you *waves at that person*
    If someone asks you something and you don't want to talk, you can use *nods* or *shakes head*.

    Again, simple actions are the best!

    I hope these tips are useful for your first steps in rp.

    Remember that it is important that you enjoy it, that you respect others and that you don’t forget that there is a person behind the cell phone.

    If you have more questions or comments, you can message me! I will be happy to answer!

    Have fun!

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  2. …a role play guide
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  4. Maybe you didn't read the game description... Let me help you, hun.
    You can find it in your app store and says it's a roleplay game.
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  6. atleast its better than kefo's
  7. Thank you so much 🖤 I was just trying to help new players.
    Some people are just rude 🥲
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  10. I don't see anything wrong with a rp guide for those who are interested in it, though it may seem a funny concept. And it's true this is a rp game.
    I don't rp myself but this is good for those who want to try it and don't know how.
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  11. There is a lot of games that are marked as rpg in store and don't do/use this concept in itself but STILL this is a very nice forum for people here who are into RP or don't know RP 💗
    Just because you don't RP doesn't mean other can't. If they are not hurting anyone then why does it bother?
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  12. I want to add a note here for posterity.

    When I was new, there were some iconic "meme" rps that certain individuals were known for...
    My memory is sketchy during hiatus so any clarification or correction is welcome.

    Fruit salad rp (either ascension footlong sub or legwarmers)
    Cactus rp (various, and probably most famous)

    There must have been someone who did "sub rp" and then had it be an actual subway sandwich...
    I don't remember any actual cases but bring it back.

    Mind blowing rp (my own)
    Mashed potato rp (my own... maybe not so famous but I remember it well)

    Burger rp - the dev, @ata-burgerRP

    And hot damn, there must have been so many more that I've forgotten.
  13. Bacon RP Dee and Daniela.
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  14. Slanderous