[GUIDE] New Bypass Rule Demystified

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  1. Replace them before returning
  2. Y'all have to be IDIOTS to not know why you were silenced.. for-firetrųcks-sake
  4. Idk why they ever changed/relaxed the language bypassing rules in the first place?
  5.  love the examples
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  6. Thanks ️
  7. wannabe try hard
  8. Don’t actually see you doing anything except bîtching and whining, noob ?. Jealous that you have no conceivable ability perhaps?
  9. yeah i want blue color so i threat ata if they dont give me green color ill emo rage quit
  10. Bump for ATA

  11. I laughed, :lol:.
  12. Someone wants their blue back. ?
  13. Bump because Ryan is such a firetruck :D
  14. What if I make bedroom related posts outside the bedroom, like in my car, on the counter, on the table, on the couch, on the kitchen floor, in public places... or what if it's at a mod's house? Cause you know that mod booty is an addiction. Lol, get it? An adDICtion.
  15. Examples:
    • ”I want you to ride my b icycle so hard the pedals fall off?”

    This is what killed me idk why ??‍♀️??‍♀️
  16. Sorry I didn’t understand anything but thanks for the guide:)
  17. Should MOD’s listen to both party before silencing someone? What if the other provokes and act like a sick victim just to get someone silenced?
  18. Moderators dont silence because a player is telling us to do so. We silence based on what we see. Regardless of if someone provokes you, you can respond to them within the parameters of the tou.
    Hope that answers your question 
  19. Basically, if the mod has a perverted mind, you will be silenced, which is why I stopped caring about what I post.