[Guide] Builds:STR vs INTEL vs EVEN v2

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  1. 3 years late but that is a very good question. Early I'm the thread it was actually pointed out by commenters that Intel builds make more money from parties, on average, because 3 of the party actions/bars correspond to Intel and payouts are based on your Intel stat while only 1 corresponds to strength.
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  2. To this day, I believe that the characterisation of Intels was lacking in this thread.

    The focus on tb retention is largely irrelevant today when mb is so much more accessible.

    This thread was written during a time when we didn't even realize that the miscellaneous bonus effected pvp.

    The listed con for the Intel build about having to focus on either plundering or pinning is incorrect.

    While fights do both in a single action, everyone hits patterns to dust off their 5 minute regen.
    An example of an Intel pattern would be prank-dance. This does both. There is no reason to focus on one thing and you aren't railroaded into doing that.

    Intels are invaluable teammates in war as they can often take down far larger players than them. They may get under the skin of the opponent's mvp's and whales with their devastating pranks.

    A single intel account can actually tackle 3 large strength accounts and take them out with pranks. That is the best value.

    In a war, if less than 10% of your team is intel, you're probably done for. There is a limit to this, though. If over half of your team is intel, your opponents would not be able to regen at all.
    Intels work best in synergy and as a support for strength builds which makes them good as alts but also just good in general.

    They were heavily nerfed when a.t.a affixed party plunder to ignore energy level... One of their worst choices ever.

    As prior to that, if you were being pinned by an Intel and trying to party, you would make next to no money.

    Justice for Intels. Make party plunder depend on energy level, again.
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