[Guide] Builds:STR vs INTEL vs EVEN v2

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  1. This guide is ALL wrong!! I change to higher strength im get less on party payouts. This post should be deleted
  2. The author write this in 2015! No new dorm tiers. like to see update version from a player who actually plays
  3. I thought this guide thread was created for pvp purpose only(?)
  4. That's because your plunder dropped, you need more tutor value
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  5. Can someone update this? Thank you ā¤ļø
  6. The information on here is still valid šŸ˜® What are you confused about?
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  8. @Awoken2 this would be what you need to look at. šŸ„°šŸ’–
  9. Bump for no reason 乁( ā€¢_ā€¢ )意
  10. Iā€™m confused. Do strength builds make more from parties even for parties like Dog Star? I thought payout was dependent on how much damage you do to parties/bars. How would a strength build make more when there is only one strength bar and 3 intel bars?
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