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  1. My opinion aligns to what Muschi has stated and to what I have mentioned in the previous thread, though not directly quoted at you.

    I have already agreed that I assumed you did not experience any of it and take ownership of that. I can't say you have done the same for yourself though...
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  2. I understand your irritation. These debates unfortunately sometimes hit very close to home and I know I sometimes took things out of hand before in sociopolitical debates -- Julie can attest to that as I used to be absolutely NUTS in 2018 forums.

    I think what was most upsetting is how you doubled-down on these even when I attempted to break down my opinion and also assure you I've have personal experienced as well. As upsetting as it was on your side of things, it was quite upsetting for me to feel as though my experiences were invalid because of my opinion on them, ya know?

    You're someone whose presence in forums I quite value. I think you're a great asset to the forums community and you always bring a great perspective. I hope this doesn't put a wedge between future interactions.
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  3. Oh this is still going 🔍👀
  4. Jaco too is a firsthand witness to my crackheadery. 2018 Hailey acted like forums was the WWE Championships and tried to deliver absolute smackdowns to anyone and everyone. 😭✊
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  5. The USA is superior in every way to Canada. Let's do this
  6. Wild times, I hope into forums just in time for those moments 💖
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  7. Your eyebrows arent as good looking as you think they are 😌
  8. A smackdown is worth it when there's a smackdown to be had
  9. da real smackdown when CjS vs DarkRose argued 🌚
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  10. True, but not all of the things I argued about were the proper hill to die on. 😂
  11. 🤷‍♀️Atleast they aren't Canadian eyebrows. I can't think of any uglier eyebrows that exist
  12. I never expected such Karen vibes from op who I thought was a mature, empathetic and understanding adult. Bit disappointed :/
  14. My cat hasn't been declawed. I dare you to say that to his face!
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  15. Did i make it in the 80%?
  16. Much easier to start a fight by adding Donald Trump in your statement
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  17. Wai can’t we bee frends wai kant wee bhee freinds
  18. whats actually gross is people who complain about stupid things in the forums looking for attention in a lame ass game

    cant prove me wrong
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  19. Yes, but it's much easier to start a joke with Justin Trudeau
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  20. Watch out! That's my prime minister you're talking about