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  1. I find it absolutely vile when people pretend to understand other people’s struggles. You can do your research, you can read about it, you can be sensitive to it, you can be understanding of it, but if you haven’t experienced it first hand, stop pretending like you get it. You don’t get it, and you aren’t gonna fool someone who does.
    -Directed to 80% of you. ✌🏼
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  2. this is why i ignore stuff like this 🌚 so like, why bother at all
  3. Tell us more
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  4. ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼 You’re one of those.
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  5. Oh boy, this is news to me. 👁👄👁
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  6. DUDE FR FR, 2 TRU 2 TRU Liek all my life I've had to fight and suffer and struggle, my big bro slaughtered my entire clan in front of me spared me while saying "u r 2 weak 2 kill lil bro" then that one time my other friend killed my horse in front of me on minecraft, shít was fookin brutal, bro. Then tha other day a spider was chilling in mah room and I was like "yu know wot I'll spare you" bad mistake cuz that mofo disappeared, it prolly went in my mouth while I was sleeping and I prolly ate it, I was saving a croissant and now its gone bruh no one will ever be able to understand my pain nor my struggle, I'm all alone. It's pretty much me against da world out there, me against pimd and shyt. Tuff world m8
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  7. The croissant bit made me lol
  8. Who cares what flavour your suffering is?

    And what degree of understanding do you think people CAN get?

    Because surely, if you had both shared similar experiences, there would be some common experiences in there. Similar thoughts, doubts, emotions.

    They don't have to pain the picture exactly the same. A bit of style doesn't hurt.

    This just sounds like you are jaded and wish to refuse help.

    Have people been giving you advice preceded by "I know it's hard" or "wow it must be so tough?" and to disable the relevance of the advice and the help, you care only about the DIFFERENCES between whatever their situation was, and your own?

    If you want to help yourself deal with WHATEVER you are going through, stop! We are all people. We are all in this world together. No problem we face has never been faced before. No internal conflict or monologue is untreated in human history. No knot in your soul or social life or family can never be unravelled.

    Instead of the self-loathing and spiteful self-indulgence of claiming your situation is so special, look at the similarities.

    How are your situations similar? How could their advice be relevant to you? How could you change their plan to suit you?

    It isn't insensitive to try and relate. It is probably something they are genuinely trying to do: to understand their own experiences in relation to YOU and yours. Be thankful and bloody well correct them if they get something wrong but also, more important, tell them when they could be right.
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  9. Oh yay are we playing oppression Olympics again?
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  10. This is about people claiming they know how to fix a problem because they read something about it. It stemmed from another thread.
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  11. Okay and this is how you treat ignorance? By telling people they can never be right and to stop trying? You'd be a great teacher.
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  12. No, again, this came after a conversation in another thread. Where I stated that what was said was wrong, from the point of view of someone who’s lived it, and was told I was ignorant, by someone who has not lived it.
  13. & ur escalating it by making a new thread and saying they shouldn't be in the conversation?

    I don't get the point of this thread.
  14. I wouldn’t say escalating. I would say calling out people for being fake af. To sit and pretend like you have the answers because you read something and everyone else is wrong? You try to preach on a subject you know nothing about but what you’ve seen online, to someone who’s lived that, and ACT like you know more on the subject? These are the people who are entering the conversation of change with no more than the opinion of someone else who’s article they read, and sitting on their throne of bullshit telling everyone else they’re wrong. Fuck. That. And fuck. Them.
  15. but why do you care?
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  16. Because it’s fucked up. And people act like it’s ok. If you recognize a problem or something going on that you choose to get involved with that’s cool, you do your research, you see what the discussion is, but when you get in on it you don’t pretend to be an expert on the subject because you read about it. If other people can voice their opinion, I can voice mine. And quite honestly I’m sick of seeing people speak for others without having a clue what they’re talking about.
  17. Because you're assuming people haven't lived these things because they don't have the same opinion about solving it, as you do. You do realize people can go through the same hardships and have different outcomes/opinions/etc about it, right? Not all people that have experienced poverty, addiction, and mental illness are a monolith that agree about everything relating to it. 🤷‍♀️ I'm not going to invalidate anyone's struggles because they took something different from it than I did.
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  18. It's mature to have a different opinion on a proposed solution for several very real and actually quite common hardships. After all, the solution is just proposed. It's an opinion about what will work. What is immature is to assume and act like the people proposing it are liars, fakers, or uneducated and ignorant about the topic -- especially when they say your assumption is incorrect -- and to make a whole nother thread vaguing the people.

    I'm quite sure you also saying you were going to drop it in the thread that this originally occured in? You've said several times it is an argument you don't want to have yet you're still casting the fishing rod chock full of bait.

    If you want to have a mature, actual discussion without namecalling and being passive aggressive, please let me know. I'd love to hear your opinions on the topic and I would love to elaborate on mine as well. :)
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  19. Also this thread is so generalized. Its language so philosophical that you really just sound like you are trying to stifle all conversations and attempts to relate to other people.

    Get it locked. Dm the person if you have to, or address them properly in forums with examples.

    This is ugly.
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