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  1. Oh no I agreed with that part. I just wanted to point out that it wasn’t all in the ending side stories!

    Though I understand why it was bumped up to 8k drops, I can agree that it’s incredibly frustrating when it isn’t announced.
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  2. I'm only active atm because I'm chatting or selling/buying stuff🥱 This hunt is taking ages and I hate it. I seriously thought it was gonna be done today but sadly its 7 more days😭😂 sad moment
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  3. This hunt is a drag....
  4. Update: 3rd avi box and 3rd ugly male avi. Thanks for wasting my time as always, ATA☺️
  5. I have watched these event threads for a long time now, and for most of the time ATA takes no notice of all the complaints about the avatar boxes etc. Why is that? Simple, because players moan and moan but still carry on doing the hunts. Until all unhappy players show just how unhappy they are by not taking part in the hunts, ATA will carry on ignoring you All.
    I totally am against the fact that after a big struggle for many Players like myself with less drop rate and higher drop rate to get the first Avi box that we don't get a choice of avatar. So much so that after waiting and hoping for this to change since the introduction of the said avatar boxes, I have now chosen not to bother with the hunt. The longer I don't play here now, the more chance there is of just leaving here.
    I have spent my time looking around. It is really obvious that other players are doing the same as me. Lots of clubs with members that have the gold pass are staying put in their clubs far more now. They used to be shooting off to cat cafe clubs before.
    Older Players will lose the enthusiasm to pay out so much over and over for what is just a picture on their phone that they don't even own. Newer Players will become disheartened quickly and then what?
  6. After over 6 years playing and many changes, some which I hated but over came, this time is different. These avatar boxes are BAD, so much so that I too am not playing right now either. ATA has killed the joy in the game for many, including me. I am very busy in real, was happy to spend here when items appealed to me but no more due to how ATA has chosen to treat smaller players and those that don't have a lot of free time to spend here.
    Smaller newer players will not have the same incentive we had to continue onwards and spend, longer term players are fed up with ATA's non caring attitude towards its players, so holding back from spending, and we are left with some with lots of free time and money to spare right now but that will change for many and then this game will take a huge dive and ATA will be left with a bucket full of regrets. They failed with several other games and players will take that into account before investing in another of their ventures.
    Will ATA continue to ignore? Time will tell.
  7. Do you also check likes dislikes in order to get a clearer result?
    I would be very interested in reading your results this time please Anonymous as I am seeing and reading much more discontent with game since these avatar boxes were introduced.
    I am also feeling pretty sure that sales for ATA will be way down right now as many protest by staying quiet but not spending.
    ATA will have seen some relent last hunt, as it was a popular one, but in general hunts with pot luck avatars are not drawing money from Players, except those that crave the leadership. When you hear the complaints from those Players afterwards of how much it cost to stay in the top few, you realise that even many of them regret and give up.
    Let's all watch Leader board players to see what percentance of players are there continuously? A downward slide can take a long time, but when it does reach bottom, rarely can it pick back up again. Those that watch their business returns carefully, and spot a downtrend tend to listen to their customers to avert such a disaster.
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  8. Another hunt.
    Another avatar box.
    Another shitty male avatar which I don’t want.
    Another disappointment.
    And no sign that ATA will ever fix this stupid system.
    This is why I don’t give them my money anymore.
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  9. I’m all for trying new things. This hunt with the’s not it. I don’t like the “no promise you’ll get the other set of avis”. Reaching the second/third side stories used to be somewhat exciting because you’d get the second wave of avis. Now, it’s more difficult since you also can get the VIP versions of the first wave. I’m not happy with how this is turning out, and I was really excited for this hunt too. I’m not a big fan of the boxes, but if you could keep them how they were the first time around, I think we’d be content enough.
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  10. Alright I’ve opened all the avi boxes for this hunt and I’m returning to say that I’m disappointed in the ones I got.
  11. Exactly. I think there's a way we could work on the avi boxes being kept, but being executed in a more beneficial manner. ATA seems intent on keeping them (they seem to really love boxes lately) and while I would loooove for avi boxes to just disappear again, I feel like a compromise on them would be more plausible.
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    Ata should avoid doing these type of things, we worked hard to get the avatar boxes then it will give us something we don't like ☹️ really disappointed.
  13. So now it’s literally impossible to get a vip and a regular avi are you kidding me what’s the point of putting them in boxes when there’s now no chance at all at getting them all
  14. Flashed just to try to get the avatar I wanted, gotta say wish I didn’t waste my money. :/
  15. Umm hold up🌚 this is probably late but aside from that box ava issue, theres also no stat reward at the end of side stories? 🙃
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  16. Maybe if they made a few avatars and had avatar boxes for guys to open and avatar boxes for girls. That way people who want a specific gender will be sure to get that gender.
  17. You mean like the activators?
  18. Agree! If you were to stay in cc club and get ALL the avatar boxes, you only get 6 unlike the usual 8 avatars. Plus it's so randomized.

    As for the stat items...
    1st side quest usually ends with a 750kcs
    2nd side quest ends with a 1mcs
    3rd side quest ends with a 2mcs
    4th side quest ends with a 3mcs

    So ATA basically took 6.75mcs worth of items AND 2 avatars too. Not cool, ATA. Many of us feel like we ain't getting our money worth. As for potd players... Tough luck. Not everyone can spend here for all sorts of reasons ya know
  19. I dig af😋😍😍😍
  20. Kinda like the galactic avatar bags, there is one for males and one for females. That does mean that ata would probably have to make more avatars though as I think putting the 3rd side story avatars into the box is stupid. 🤔