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  1. Indefinitely, according to the post.
  2. Cool, I should get it. 🧘🏻‍♀️
  3. Yeah sure lemme invest my companies profits into this game. :cool:
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  4. I'm so glad I have infinite cash to get t10 every time! Oh wait... I'm broke af. Well that's yet another thing I'll never have! Yay! Thank you ATA for these generous gifts!
  5. 😩😣😭 *dream* yes!!! I got the avi!!!🎉 *reality* yeaaah that’ll never happen in this life or the next... I’m too broke...😑
    I have one wish...🙏 make it so everyone (not just the rich lol) can have a chance to get these awesomely well done avis! It’s frustrating for people that have bills, lives, never ending costs in real life to pay for and can’t get the chance to get these avis they like...
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  6. O... That part definitely was there when I replied. There was was only a picture. 🙃
  7. This isn’t very fair to us players who can’t get high on the board. Thanks for catering to the P2P players. Favouritism at its finest
  8. Wish they would at least make those in tier.
    It's nice for the top 10 but what about us in the top 250 or 500?
  9. How do u get the golden crowns
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  10. I'll stick to my 95/95. They're cute though.
  11. By placing on the hunt leaderboard top 10.
  12. There should be a crown Ava pckg for non premium ones. Everyone can't spend money on the game. So it'll be good if you start thinking about the ppl in slums too. 😂
  13. Lmao ata makes stories for those who cant afford to buy avis, as well as opportunities for players to win free avis through timer/lite boxes. ATA doesnt hand you a 98/98 avi for free and y'all lose your damn minds, extra as hell🥴🤦🏼‍♀️
  14. Why are all you babies crying over some avatars? How pathetic it must be for humans (especially those more privileged than most in other parts of the world) to cry over a 2-dimensional golden character in a boring mobile game.
    Who cares if you cAnT aFfOrD iT, no one is forcing you to buy it or even spend a dime on this game. If you feel as though ATA is making you feel like you have to spend money to progress through the game then I have a solution for you: Uninstall.
  15. I spend money on this game, but there is no way I will ever afford to earn these avatars. So it's not even about spending money anymore. This thread and these avatars are for very special few people who can invest hundreds of euros into ONE hunt and do that again and again and again, that's all.
  16. Omg
  17. I WANT!!
  18. They’re so HOT (PROBS NOT ME)
  19. Yesssssss I swear they act like 5$ here and there don’t count 😂 we all play the game but I feel as though if you not spending $1000’s of dollars they don’t count you in. It’s funny because if the people who don’t spend any money stop playing this game the game would see its last day...think about that ATA...just saying
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