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    Golden Crowns are a special currency awarded to the TOP 10 Players on every event's leaderboard.

    Top 1 πŸ₯‡
    15 Golden Leaderboard Crowns

    Top 2 and 3 πŸ₯ˆ

    10 Golden Leaderboard Crowns

    Bottom 7 πŸ₯‰

    5 Golden Leaderboard Crowns

    These avatars will be available at the Leaderboard Store indefinitely.
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  2. Yeasssss
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  3. jfc op
  4. They're beautiful.

    Probs not gonna be me πŸ™ƒ I guess I can dream tho
  5. O, but how long are they available for?
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  6. For the ppls with most monies.
  7. Love these
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  8. So gorgeous
    So awe-inspiring
    So... not gonna get them
  9. Wow....😭😍😍😍
  10. How do we get the crowns?
  11. When you’re top 10.
  12. I’ll take β€œpretty things I’ll never be able to get” for 500 please Alex
  13. why do you hate us. why not make cute avis like this for us who cant just spend money??
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  14. πŸ’”
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  15. Cater to the broke beans too please
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  16. It takes 13 hunts of T10 for one of these..Cute but some of us have bills πŸ€§πŸ™ƒ
  17. You should have 2 kinds of leaderboards, those who spend, spend, spend and spend a little more, and those who dont have money to spend on here!πŸ™„ This game was amazing once, now its all centered around those with money. I understand ATA need to earn money from somewhere but give the "less fortunate" guys a chance.😴
  18. I'm crying at the stats I'll never have