Golden Age Glamour

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  1. ☞ Antique Mirrors are dropping ONLY from REGULAR event boxes.
    ☞ Antique Rings are dropping ONLY from event timer boxes.
    ☞ Ergo, you'll need to open both regular Encores Boxes and Encores Timer Boxes to earn these glamorous avatars below!

    Rings from regular boxes and mirrors from event timer boxes
  2. ? when are we gonna be able to build our own avatar? Give us basic presets to start with and we can unlock new looks
  3. Normal colored just as in the photo of all Avis
  4. Because that's not remotely the same thing. Those were purchased avi shard boxes. This is pieces dropping only from the hunt boxes and not the lite boxes.[/quote]
    It's in the timer boxes too[/quote]
    That's only half of the equation though. You need both drops. Besides we all know how long it takes to open timer boxes unless you spend ec. So again a middle finger to free players and players who do not spend hundreds of dollars.
  5. Never :evil:
  6. No they are sepia tones hence the combinable version being different from the box version.
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  7. So the only people who are really going to get the avis are the ones who spend a lot of $$ on this. Interesting.
  8. Oh yes the combined ones are different. Box/hunt Avis are colored
  9. Smh ?
  10. Darn after the combinable avi prices from last Hunt and the rest of the bad Avis from actual hunt I was hoping for a nice easy one this time. Guess another hunt I’m not going to try for the Avis ?
  11. I dont hate the shard avis but i hate the idea of getting shit avis first in order to get a cute one.

    ATA you had it right with the black friday zodiac shards. You'e only strayed further to crap since then
  12. I’m feeling that ebony goddess tho HEELLO
  14. Love this :0
  15. wait then isn’t this great bc there’ll be a different way to get coloured version  oof unless it’s lb avatar then rip
  16. Issa no from me.
  17. So the avis are really in sepia when you combine ??‍♂️??‍♂️
  18. Looks like more ec to be wasted.