Golden Age Glamour

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  1. Me no like ?
  2. I prefer the activator..
  3. Oh. But.... Isn't having an alt against ToU.... Oh well.[/quote]

    It’s not, having an excessive amount of alts is against it
  4. Man you really jacked up your quote
  5. Same...
  6. Well now we dont have a choice but to get them all ??????
  7. It’s not, having an excessive amount of alts is against it[/quote]

    You did too. Glad to know I'm not alone. Thank you tho.
  8. It's in the timer boxes too
  9. I love it!!! Finally something old Hollywood. 
  10. Wait so if I want all the female Avis I have to combine the males too since they need the same items? Or will it combine the higher tier if the exact amount is traded?
  11. How do you make sure you get the correct gender avatar?
  12. Each gender has its own amount, make sure to only obtain what’s needed for that avi
  13. But the higher tier female needs more of both items than for an example the lowest tier male - how to ensure the female gets merged and not the male?
  14. Collect them in tiers, that’s what ata wants. You’d have to collect the small Avis to later gain the bigger ones. Unfair? Kinda. Understandable? Yes
  15. Beautiful,
  16. I like it but I’m kinda sick of these combining avis, there’s highkey too many to keep up with in my opinion.
  17. Do we know whether or not these are actually sepia-toned or if they will be full color?