Golden Age Glamour

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  1. Really depressing ata.... opened up a box and it gives 1 ring. In order to make the avis youd have to open 100+ boxes. This hunt is super greedy and its sad
  2. I love these champagne glasses!
  3. Ehhh I pass
  4. I like the furniture tbh so id you don't like it & get unwanted furni from this hunt hand it my way thanks 

  5. This is really screwed up. Glad I stopped purchasing those boxes lonnng ago.
  6. Do I have to open up all 3 of the Valentines time boxes before getting current hunt timer box? If so, rip.
  7. No, you don’t have too!
  8. this is beautiful af.
  9. You can choose which box you want to wait on.
  11. wait are they that colour though
  12. [quote="[ATA]Marceline

    ☞ To prevent your shards from auto-combining, trade some away to a trusted friend or an alt!


    Oh. But.... Isn't having an alt against ToU.... Oh well.
  13. Totally agree. It's waaaay too expensive. 100+ boxes is like 1000 ec. -.-
  14. Ooooh the avatars are actually desaturated? Ooooo
  15. Ok!

    Ok, thank you!

    Oh. But.... Isn't having an alt against ToU.... Oh well.[/quote]
     ️
  16. If you think about it though, hunts are where ata really generates most of their $$ now so to make the hunts expensive af makes sense.
  17. Me likely.