Glam Picnics in July: Items, Avatars & Furniture!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Jean, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. So... the Newfoundland Puppy that is on the spinner... is it just a random 499ec item? Because I won it... and was just wondering because I don't see the description anywhere.

  2. Never mind. There are found in the furniture box. :)
  3. There's booboo Bear, but where's Yogi Bear? :(
  4. Luv the avis  cute dorm ?
  5. Re: Glam Picnics in July: Items, Avatars

    This Avis adorable
  6. The avas are definitely cute this time, but they shouldn't be more than 200 ec because that's wayyyy too much for an ava. :/
  7. I mean, 500 ec for an ava? C'mon ?
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    You’re paying for the stat % that’s why the price varies
  10. Yeah I’m with you there. ATA what is a “LemonDade”?
  11. Ata was high k ?
  12. $50 for an avi? Lol. I'm out. She is cute af though.
  13. Is anyone willing to sell their vineyard vogue ??