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  1. We asked you to Camp and CAMP you did!

    A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all participants. There would be no contest without your enthusiastic participation. From the bottom of our hearts here at Team ATA, THANK YOU!

    Without further ado...

    Magic mirror on the wall, who is the CAMP-iest of them all...

    The CAMP-iest: QueenAmidala

    Congratulations, QueenAmidala! You CAMP-ed, and you conquered! You are the WINNER of our Glam for Camp! Contest and... we will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your very special, exclusive in-game item!

    Let's keep the party going...

    2nd Place, and the Very CAMP-y: Dianne

    3rd Place, and the Quite CAMP-y: Yowassupphish

    There you have it. Your TOP 3 WINNERS! Congratulations, CAMP-ers!


    We haven't forgotten about the rest of you awesome CAMP-ers...

    Below are the recipients who CAMPED-ed, and will be receiving a PiMDCrate for your efforts (in no particular order):

    We will be in touch with you all very soon with your prizes. Sit tight, CAMP-ers!

    Rogers, signing off.
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  2. Congratulations!
  3. Congrats all!
  4. ohp pretty sure I entered, but I guess it didn't count. Anyways congrats to all <3
  5. Congratz!!
  6. congrats all! 
  7. Congratulations everyone ;)
  8. Congrats ️
  9. Congo everyone!
  10. Congrats everyone! :)
  11. Yay thank you ️
  12. I thought there was 10 prizes of 1 pimd crate lol?
  13. Congrats winners and good job non winners who entered
  14. Not everyone that entered received a prize. Only the Top 10 did.
    Nah, it was tiered since the beginning
  15. Nope, it was 13 prizes, if u check it?
  16. Congrats winners
  17. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas
  18. Congrats!?