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  1. How make the dr people know shit more don't want this shit no more all gone my head n but the dr dude said can't be fix needa make them can know n do it fùckn hate this shit fuck
  2. Are you trying to not remember stuff now?
  3. That what getting wastd is for. N but like I want this stupid fùckn oritsin shit gone coz its the thingy what make me get confused so much n don't can't stuff n fùckn fbjhddvhdbydhdhfb just wanna be normal n not broken
  4. We all wanna be normal and not broken though
  5. I'm needa more
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  7. Ow not big words I'm hangovr still
  8. Mighta been outa it but was still serius how make the dr people can do it
  9. Some things can't be fixed, you just learn to live with it. If it's something you think is fixable but the doctor is just uneducated or not listening, you could try seeing another doctor.
  10. But I don't want it no more 😶
  11. You should never drink if you want to forget something or feel less broken or to feel "nOrMaL."

    Honestly, you should always be yourself no matter what. That's what I do. People complain about me sexual innuendos, my response is to tell them to eat a dick, literally. People are constantly exploited and mistreated and are afraid to be be themselves for fear of being judged and humiliated. Personally, judge me, try your best to humiliate me and I'll continue to be myself whether or not anyone finds it appropriate or "inappropriate." You should never let other people's opinions dictate your actions, choices, decisions or who you are.

    In fact, you should drink to celebrate. Drink and have a good time with no worries. Drink to loosen up. Drink and let that positive, vibrant feeling overwhelm you.

    Sure, it can kill you, kill brain cells and cause health problems, but every drug is worse.

    Don't drink when you're confused, drink after you figure out something confusing.

    This is Duff man and I approve of this message.

    Edit: If y'all don't get the reference Imma be pissed as a thot who don't know who her baby daddy is so she can't sit on her ass all day and collect child support
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  12. I wanna don't need help with shit so much like even fùckn Tyler can do stuff that I need help still. N I wanna can know how to know shit so I don't keep get in truble so much coz I do stuff n didn't know they was joking
  13. What
  14. Scott did you go to school?
  15. Not really
  16. Like pretty much not all or ?
  17. I did when was little like 5 till got kick out n then after juvy the cop dude got me into a high school to try do it n then I got kick out again coz was wastd all the time n wastd me tryed to fùck the hot teacher chick in front of the class
  18. Ok well that’s the problem. You literally don’t know how to do anything, but the solution is simple.
    1. Stop drinking
    2. Start learning how to do things (You’re already doing this)
    Doctors can’t really help you with this endless you plan on going to rehab for the first step.
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